Research Administration Network

Every year, the University’s researchers secure millions of dollars from various foundations, state and federal sponsors, each with its own set of rules and requirements. Research administrators are charged with helping investigators interpret University and sponsor requirements and with helping investigators ensure proper stewardship of research funds. 

UT Austin has research administrators located in numerous offices across its main and satellite campuses. The Office of Sponsored Projects maintains a Research Administrator Network (RAN) email distribution list dedicated to disseminating timely research-related information to help administrators effectively manage UT’s vast and diverse research portfolio.

UT Lists Etiquette

UT Lists provides the research administrator community with a forum for exchanging ideas, best practices and queries. Its goal is to facilitate communication among administrators who are spread throughout our large and diverse campus. The email list is hosted by The University of Texas at Austin, and as such, all rules that apply to electronic tools at the University also apply to this distribution list. 

People who use University communication services (such as email) are expected to use them in an ethical and responsible manner, following general guidelines based on common sense, common decency and civility applied to the networked computing environment. 

  • The default reply is “Reply All” – if you intend to reply to only one individual, be sure (s)he is the only person who appears in your reply line. 
  • If leaving for an extended vacation, be sure to either turn off the out-of-office assistant, or temporarily unsubscribe to avoid automated responses being sent every time someone posts a message. 
  • Do not use this list to threaten or harass individuals. 
  • Do not use this list to advertise home businesses, a family member’s school fundraiser, etc. 
  • Do not use the list as a tool to communicate with members of the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). For urgent matters, contact the appropriate OSP contact or call the main line 512-471-6424 and ask to be transferred to someone who can help. 

RAN Listserv

Call the ITS help desk 512-475-9400