Cockrell School of Engineering

New Malware Detector Identifies Bugs By Monitoring Power Usage

Malware is evasive, intelligent and sneaky. No sooner than anti-virus software is updated to combat the latest attacks, a computer virus will have already evolved into something harder to detect and potentially more …

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Jackson School of Geosciences

Complex Geology Contributed to Deepwater Horizon Disaster, New Study Finds

A study from The University of Texas at Austin is the first published in a scientific journal to take an in-depth look at the challenging geologic conditions faced by the crew of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig …

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College of Natural Sciences

Arctic Rivers Helps Monitor Greenhouse Gases Released from Permafrost

As Earth's climate warms, experts predict the rate of greenhouse gas emissions from thawing Arctic permafrost and peat will rise, which will further boost climate warming. Because the rate of permafrost thaw varies …

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