College of Natural Sciences

New Insights Could Lead to Crops Adapted to a Warming World

A new study from biologists at UT Austin offers hope that breeders will be able to develop crops that can tolerate higher temperatures while also maintaining high yield—and perhaps even fight climate change by …

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Office of the Vice President for Research

Equations of Motions Add Value to Arctic Ocean Observations

Climate scientists have developed a numerical model using over a billion satellite and in situ observations to produce accurate estimates of the Ocean-Sea Ice state in the Arctic over a 16 year period …

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Cockrell School of Engineering

Professor Guihua Yu Selected as 2021 Blavatnik National Awards Honoree

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Professor Guihua Yu, has just been selected for 2021 Class of the prestigious Blavatnik National Awards Honorees for Young Scientists.

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