Cockrell School of Engineering

A Computer Inspired by the Brain: 5 Questions with Jean Anne Incorvia

Jean Anne Incorvia literally works at the interface between software and hardware. She is a physicist, materials scientist and electrical engineer simultaneously. An assistant professor in the Cockrell School’s …

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Office of the Vice President for Research

CSEM Graduate Wins Best Student Paper at PEARC 2020

Zachary Tschirhart, a recent graduate from the Oden Institute’s Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSEM) Masters program, has been awarded Best Student Paper at the Practice and Experience in …

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College of Liberal Arts

Treating Fear With TB Medication, UT Clinicians’ Tailored Approach

A medication used as a second-line of defense against tuberculosis shows a promising influence on first-line interventions for fear and anxiety disorders, according to a new clinical study by psychologists at UT Austin.

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