College of Liberal Arts

How Creole Languages Evolve May Depend on How People Began Using Them

Creole languages neither retain all grammatical features of their origin languages, as some have claimed, nor are creoles the simplest grammars in the world, according to a new analysis published in Nature by UT Austin.

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College of Natural Sciences

Graduate Student Receives Prestigious Jess Hay Fellowship

A prestigious Jess Hay Chancellor's Graduate Student Research Fellowship award from The University of Texas System will be given this year to Derek Bolser, a fifth-year doctoral student studying marine science at UT Austin.

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Cockrell School of Engineering

How COVID Has Changed Water Use, and What it Means for Utilities

In the pre-pandemic world, peak water usage times were fairly predictable. Office buildings, manufacturing facilities and other commercial uses were busy during the day but quiet on weekends. Residential areas saw …

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