Faculty Leave

UT Austin HOP 2-2210, addresses Faculty Leave. A Leave of Absence/ Leave Without Pay (LWOP)/ Unpaid Time Off by a faculty member during the academic year requires submission of the Faculty Request for Leave (FRL) form and approval by the Chair/Director and Dean. The FRL addresses the type of leave, duration of leave, and if it is a partial leave or a full disengagement.


Impact on Sponsored Projects

A full leave of absence longer than three months usually means the faculty cannot retain PI/key personnel status during the absence period. Uniform Guidance requires prior approval in instances where there has been “disengagement from the project for more than three months, or a 25% reduction in time devoted to the project, by the approved project director or principal investigator”.

Please email the OSP Assistant Director of Grants at osp@austin.utexas.edu as early as possible with a copy of the FRL to discuss the potential impact on the sponsored project(s) and next steps.