Research Collaborations

Collaborative scholarly work cultivates impactful research by bringing together multiple areas of expertise, methods, perspectives and contexts. From speaker series to University-wide research grand challenges, these programs seek to match research interests, showcase expertise and build relationships.

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Community and Research Partnerships

Research partnerships help facilitate connections, build strong teams and establish creative collaborations, both within the University and beyond.

City of Austin-UT Collaborations

Collaborate with the City of Austin on research projects via the UT-City of Austin Master Interlocal Agreement (ILA), which simplifies agreements between City departments and UT researchers. To connect with City of Austin staff or UT researchers for a project, fill out the Pre-Proposal Form. The form's details will be used to pair City departments with UT researchers.  

Sara Hernando, Assistant Director for Research Engagements 

UT-Sandia National Laboratories Academic Alliance

Partnering with Sandia National Labs’ researchers means leveraging Sandia’s capabilities to solve big problems, sustain and engage human capital, and accelerate adoption of new technology. Utilize the Sandia – UT Austin Collaboration Request form as a starting point for either UT or Sandia researchers who are interested in collaborating but may not know where to begin. Our strategic alliance partners will review these submissions and help make connections.

Sara Hernando, Assistant Director for Research Engagements 

Bridging Barriers Research Grand Challenges

Bridging Barriers, an OVPR Research Development Initiative, serves as an incubator for high-impact, interdisciplinary collaboration at UT Austin. Researchers from across the University comprise broad teams tasked with identifying urgent issues—and discovering the best ways to solve them in less than a decade. Researchers partner with communities, nonprofits, local government agencies and industry leaders to design solutions that have real-world impact.