Research Collaborations

Collaborative scholarly work cultivates impactful research by bringing together multiple areas of expertise, methods, perspectives and contexts. From speaker series to University-wide research grand challenges, these programs seek to match research interests, showcase expertise and build relationships.

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Community and Research Partnerships

Research partnerships help facilitate connections, build strong teams and establish creative collaborations, both within the University and beyond.

MD Anderson Cancer Center – UT Austin Collaboration

Connect with basic, translational and clinical researchers both within UT and at MD Anderson through this strategic partnership and pilot fund.

Clinton Leysath, Program Director

City of Austin-UT Collaborations

Partner with the City of Austin on a research project through the UT-City of Austin Master Interlocal Agreement (ILA), which facilitates and streamlines agreements between City departments and UT research expertise.

Sara Hernando, Assistant Director

UT-Sandia National Laboratories Academic Alliance

Collaborate with Sandia researchers and leverage Sandia’s capabilities to solve big problems, sustain and engage human capital, and accelerate adoption of new technology. UT faculty, researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and students may participate in this opportunity.

Nadine Miner, Sandia Campus Partnership Manager

Bridging Barriers Research Grand Challenges

Bridging Barriers, an OVPR Research Development Initiative, serves as an incubator for high-impact, interdisciplinary collaboration at UT Austin. Researchers from across the University comprise broad teams tasked with identifying urgent issues—and discovering the best ways to solve them in less than a decade. Researchers partner with communities, nonprofits, local government agencies and industry leaders to design solutions that have real-world impact.

Planet Texas 2050 UT Research Grand Challenge

Texas’ population is on track to double by 2050. Climate change will bring more floods, more droughts and more heat. Acute and chronic stressors have compound and cascading impacts that disproportionately affect vulnerable communities. Planet Texas 2050 works to find equitable solutions that make Texas more resilient.

Heidi Schmalbach, Program Director

Whole Communities – Whole Health UT Research Grand Challenge

When it comes to life expectancy, ZIP code continues to matter more than genetic code. The Whole Communities - Whole Health cohort study, co-designed with community members, provides vital physical and mental health information to change the way science helps society thrive.

Clint Leysath, Program Director

Good Systems UT Research Grand Challenge

Artificial intelligence-based technologies are helping society solve complex problems in nearly every discipline and industry, but they have the capacity to be harmful in ways that humans can’t predict or intend. The Good Systems grand challenge works to design AI technologies that benefit society.

Lea Sabatini, Program Director