OSP Constituency List & Account Assignments

Award Constituency List

Unit Name
Proposal Analyst
Post-Award Grants Specialist
Contracts Coordinator
Post-Award Awards Specialist
Subaward Coordinator
Academic Info Systems
Advertising and Public Relations
Alcohol and Addiction Research, Waggoner Center for
Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life
Austin Technology Incubator (ATI)
Bureau of Engineering Research

OSP Pre-Award and Post-Award Process Flow

The Office of Sponsored Projects comprises four specialized teams, each handling different elements of the award process.


The pre-award team work with PI’s to ensure the proposal meets all requirements of the sponsor, University, and State of Texas.

For help with sponsored research proposals, see Proposal Preparation and Submission.


The contracts team negotiates terms of the contract, manage set-up of any subawards or subcontracts, and manage contractual/Administrative contact with the sponsor.


The post-award team sets up necessary accounts, monitors spending and expenditure oversight, cost and budget transfers, financial closeout, and audit oversight and training.

More information on managing sponsored projects can be found in Award Management.

Grants Financial Management

The grants financial management team oversees financial management related to sponsored projects. They assist with cost allocation, budget transfers and adjustments, financial closeout and cost sharing.

More information on grants financial management can be found in Account Management.


OSP Pre-Award and Post-Award Contacts

OSP pre-award and post-award contacts are organized by department/unit and the phase of your award. To find all of your specialists, select award constituency list above, and search for your unit using either the alphabetical list or search box.

Action Contact
Proposal Submissions to Sponsor Proposal Analyst
  • Grant Awards (NIH, NSF, etc.) or
  • Federal flow through FDP agreements (UT is a subrecipient to another entity that has received a Federal award) and negotiation review is not required
Grants Specialist
Contracts and other incoming agreements that require review for negotiation and acceptance of terms (federal, state, non-profit, etc.) Contracts Coordinator
Non-funded agreements actions (Material Transfer Agreements, Data Use Agreements, etc.) Contracts Coordinator

Once the award has been finalized, it will be routed to the post-award contact who will help with setting up your funds into a 26-account for spending.

Proposal Process

New and Renewal Proposals

All proposals begin with the submission of a Funding Proposal (FP) via UTRMS to the Pre-Award Team. Upon submission of the FP, a Proposal Analyst will be assigned to the proposal. The Proposal Analyst will work with the PI to ensure that the proposal meets the requirements of the sponsor, the University, and the State of Texas.

Awards and Amendments

When new awards arrive at OSP, they are assigned to either the Contracts team or the Grants & Awards team within Post-Award.

If the award terms require negotiation, the award is sent for processing to the Contracts & Agreements team; all others are sent to the Grants & Awards team. These teams will also manage set-up of any related subawards or subcontracts, and after award set-up these teams will manage all contractual/administrative contact with the sponsor.

Award Management

Once the Award has been fully executed (signed/agreed to by both parties) it is sent to Post-Award, for account setup. Post-Award’s services include setting up the 26-account, monitor spending and expenditure oversight, cost and budget transfers, billing and collection, financial reporting, award closeout, audit oversight and training.