F&A Waiver and Reduction Requests

The Vice President for Research (VPR) approves F&A waiver and reduction requests. Waiver and reduction requests are submitted to the VPR through the Associate Dean for Research (ADR) or equivalent in the PI’s college or unit. Requests should include:

  1. OSP number;
  2. Detailed budget;
  3. Explanation for the request;
  4. Approval by the ADR; and
  5. Draft commitment letter prepared for VPR signature if required by the sponsor

Requests for IDC adjustments must be routed by the ADR to the VPR office for final review and approval at least 7 business days prior to the proposal submission deadline.

Please note:

  • The VPR’s office does not judge the relative merit of submitted proposals; therefore, it will not waive or reduce F&A to make proposals more competitive.
  • The VPR’s office does not grant F&A waivers or reductions for the sake of stretching a proposal’s budget; therefore, the VPR will not waive or reduce F&A to help a budget fit into an agency cost cap.
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