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Guidance and tools for budget preparation.

Learn how to submit federal sponsored proposals through

Locate your Proposal Specialist.

Training information for the Cayuse424 system.

Information on indirect costs, indirect cost adjustment request procedures, and cost sharing request.

Learn about the University's policies on misconduct in research and other scholarly activities.

Guidelines and frequently asked questions about cost sharing on sponsored projects.

List of limited submission programs in which the university competes.

Forms/templates, policies, guidance, and useful information.

Available electronic tools for research management and administration.

Learn about the requirements and process for becoming a principal investigator.

Learn about the University's rules, policies, guidelines, and regulations on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).

Find regulations, resources, and news related to export control.

Useful tools and guidance for proposal preparation, and contact information for proposal specialists.

Information on subawards.

Learn more about the University's policies and rules for the disclosure of financial interests.