Award & Subaward Management

Project Management

Find your Post-Award Specialist.

Post-Award serves as the main point of contact for all research related audits.

Procedures for VTC budget transfer

Procedures and guidance on allocating and splitting costs on sponsored projects

Closeout is the process of ensuring that expenditures and income are finalized on accounts and that no further action is anticipated.

Guidance and calculator for budgeting salary and determining institutional commitment when the sponsor has a mandated salary cap

A tool for PIs and departments to review personnel costs on sponsored accounts

Guidelines to assist PIs and Departments with subrecipient monitoring

Guidelines for charging faculty summer salary to sponsored projects

Information on the tuition reduction benefit (TRB)

Guidelines for reimbursable expenses related to travel in support of sponsored activities

Guidelines for LWOP/ Leave of Absence for Faculty/PIs

Related Topics

Information on how to get a no-cost extension for your award

Information on transferring an award from one institution to another

Guidelines and policies on fringe benefits

UT-specific instructions for completing and submitting RPPRs to NIH for SNAP awards

Policies & Procedures

Laws and regulations related to export control

Policies and rules for the disclosure of financial interests

University, state, and federal policies on harassment and discriminations protections

Policies on misconduct in research and other scholarly activities

Rules, policies, guidelines, and regulations on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

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