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  • F&A Guidance for proposals with start dates of 9/1/2020
  • New guidance regarding federal requirements to disclose Foreign Components and Other Support on sponsored projects—see RSC Guidance.
  • Background on Foreign Threats presentation (May 13-14, 2019) by Renee Gonzales, Assistant VP for Research and Director of OSP. Overview and guidance regarding foreign threats to sponsored research and intellectual property and Federal agency response.
  • New ERA Help Tickets Application: A new on-line tool to submit and track ERA system related requests (e.g. PI exception requests, unit code requests, system access, and RMS reports) is available on the OSP website. Read about Electronic Research Administration at UT Austin here. And submit a Help Ticket here.
  • NSF Adopts SciENcv Format for Biosketches


PAPPG (20-1) Open for Comment

NSF is accepting comments on the draft Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) that will become effective in 2020. Significant changes will include:

  • Removed requirement for section labeled “Intellectual Merit” in the project description
  • Adoption of standardized biographical sketch format via SciENcv
  • Clarifications regarding inclusion of unpaid positions on the biosketch
  • Requirement to upload email of submission approval from NSF Program Officer for RAPID and EAGER proposals
  • Allowability of data deposit and curation funds

Draft NSF PAPPG (20-1)


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