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Satellite Housing Facilities

About Satellite Housing Facilities: Satellite animal housing facilities are locations where animals are maintained or housed for more than 12 (USDA species) or 24 (non-USDA species) hours. Satellite facilities are not managed or attended to daily by Animal Resource Center staff, but instead are overseen by the Principal Investigator (PI) and research staff. The University of Texas at Austin IACUC has compliance responsibility for all vertebrate animal housing and use areas, including satellite facilities. It is required to inspect all laboratory animal housing and procedural areas at least once every six months. Satellite facilities must comply with the same regulations as centrally managed facilities. Veterinarians must be provided access to animals housed/ maintained in all satellite animal facility locations.

The IACUC and ARC highly recommend the use of centralized, dedicated facilities in order to allow for enhanced communication at all levels as well as consistent and high quality animal care. Maintaining animals in areas outside of currently approved, dedicated animal facilities requires additional resources, as each animal facility must be maintained in accordance with accreditation standards and oversight agency requirements. If an unapproved location for animal housing (as defined above) is proposed, then the researcher must

  1. submit an amendment in eProtocol IACUC to list the location,
  2. request an inspection from the ARC (as designated by the IACUC),
  3. develop an SOP with the assistance of ARC staff, and
  4. develop a Disaster Preparedness Plan (DPP) with the assistance of ORSC staff.

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Satellite housing facilities may not be used merely for convenience. The IACUC will individually assess each request for satellite housing.

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