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Resource TitleDescriptionFormatLength
Reference GuideA tool designed to help users understand the Agreements Workspace.PDF2 pages
Agreements GuideAs the main resource for the Agreements module, this document provides directions for creating and submitting Agreements, Amendments, and Ancillary Reviews, how to respond to Clarification Requests, and more.PDF45 pages


Resource TitleDescriptionFormatLength
COI Guide for Research CommunityThe main resource for the UTRMS-COI module. This guide covers how to update your Disclosure Profile, respond to Clarification Requests, review and accept a Management plan, submit a Pre-Approval Request, and check the COI Status of research teams.PDF38 pages
Conflict of Interest in UTRMSA video recording of a training session that reviews the recent change to COI policy at UT and how to manage those requirements in UTRMS.Video50 min
Responding to New Research Project COI Update RequestYou've received an email from UTRMS stating that a new research project requires a COI Disclosure Profile update. What do you do? Watch this video to see detailed directions.Video3 min
Responding to COI Update RequestAfter receiving an email from UTRMS requesting that your COI Disclosure Profile is completed, what do you do? Watch this video to see the steps.Video5 min


Resource TitleDescriptionFormatLength
Pre-Proposal GuideA job aid describing how to create a pre-proposal record and then convert it to a full proposal in UTRMS-Grants.PDF2 pages
Introduction & Overview of UTRMS-GrantsA recording of a training session introducing new users to UTRMS-Grants.Video70 min
Using Custom Reports in UTRMSLearn how to use reports in UTRMS to find, sort, and filter data.Video5 min
Reporting: UTRMS Reference GuideAn in-progress documentation of the fields available in reports that are already created in UTRMS.PDF80 pages
Proposal Creation & Submission GuideA guide providing detailed directions on how to create and submit a funding proposal in UTRMS-Grants. The guide includes how to build a budget, subawards, responding to changes, SF424s, JITs and more.PDF59 pages
S2S Submission Quick GuideA quick reference guide to assist with preparing a system-to-system proposal submission in UTRMS. This is section 9 of the Proposal Creation & Submission Guide.PDF6 pages
Adding Tags for the Strategic PlanThis video demonstrates how to add a tag to your funding proposal to identify which of the four strategic pillars best aligns with your project.Video2 min
Managing Access to RecordsHow to provide access to funding proposals in UTRMS for other team members.Video2 min
Funding Proposals & Budgets in UTRMSA video recording of a training session that reviews how to create a funding proposal and budget in UTRMS.Video87 min
S2S Proposal Preparation & Submission in UTRMSA video recording of a training session about S2S submissions using the SF424 feature in UTRMS-Grants.Video67 min
Detailed Budgeting in UTRMSA video recording of a training session demonstrating budget creation in UTRMS-Grants.Video88 min
Awards Guide for the Research CommunityA document reviewing the process awards go through to become active and directions for activities PIs, DRAs, or others in the research community may need to take to prepare the award for activation.PDF19 pages
Awards in UTRMSA video recording of a training session introducing new users to managing awards in UTRMS-Grants.Video94 min
Advanced Awards in UTRMSA video recording of a training session demonstrating more advanced activities required for managing awards in UTRMS-Grants.Video70 min


Resource TitleDescriptionFormatLength
IRB Glossary of TermsAn alphabetical listing of key terms to know when working in UTRMS-IRB.PDF2 pages
Submitting a Study as PI ProxyDetailed directions for how to submit a study protocol as a PI Proxy.PDF1 pages
IRB Guide for UTRMSUT's general guide on completing tasks in UTRMS-IRB. PDF46 pages
IRB Multi-Site Study GuideHuron's guide for tasks related to Multi-Site Studies under a Single Institutional Review Board (IRB) of record review.PDF63 pages

Project Archive

Resource TitleFormatLength
March 2023PDF4 pages
October 2022PDF6 pages
June 2022PDF5 pages
March 2022PDF3 pages
September 2021PDF4 pages
June 2021PDF4 pages
1 Year AnniversaryPDF5 pages
March 2021PDF3 pages
December 2020PDF3 pages
September 2020PDF3 pages
June 2020PDF3 pages
Project Documents
UTRMS System Version 10.0 Release NotePDF4 pages
Funded Agreements Webinar PresentationPDF18 pages
Funded Agreements WebinarVideo37 min
IRB Webinar PresentationPDF41 pages
IRB Launch WebinarVideo63 min
Project CharterWord22 pages
ARA Update PresentationPDF42 pages
Project ApproachPDF2 pages
Project Decision GatePDF40 pages
Dell Medical School Town HallPDF28 pages
RFP ResultsPDF14 pages
Dr. Jaffe’s Letter to the Research CommunityPDF1 page