Rate and Billing Information

Below are the ARC service rates that are currently in place. For more information, download the following memorandum:

Per Diem Rates for Animal Care

SpeciesTrue Direct CostCentralized SubsidyNet Per Diem RateSpecial External Rate**
SPF Mouse
Barrier Mouse$1.05$0.23$0.82$1.33
Wild Mouse$2.10$1.10$1.00$2.65
Non-ARC Mouse$0.56$0.10$0.46$0.71
Non-ARC Rat$0.89$0.21$0.68$1.12
Aquatic room$2.740$2.74$3.47

* These species are not currently utilized, but the estimates shown are for budgetary purposes.

** Rates charged to internal users benefit from substantial subsidy funds provided to the ARC. However, the University does not extend this subsidy to external customers. External rates are based on total operating costs and include an additional institutional surcharge used to cover facilities and administrative expenses. The ARC does not generally directly support external users but there are situations where another university department utilizes ARC services as part of their project funded directly by an external user. In these cases, the ARC will bill the external rate, so the budgeting for these projects must take this into account. External users are entities or persons over whom The University of Texas at Austin has no fiduciary responsibility, regardless of the user’s relation to the university’s academic or research mission. External users include universities/colleges other than The University of Texas at Austin, commercial entities, nonaffiliated not-for-profit organizations, other state agencies, students, and members of faculty or staff acting in a personal capacity.

Per Diem Rates for Services

ServicesRateExternal RateBase
Surgery Suite$35.97$46.00Per case
Anesthesia Small
   Per Case$7.00$9.00Per case
   Per Hour after Initial Set-up $1.71$2.20Per hour
Anesthesia Large
   Per Case$14.00$17.80Per case
   Per Hour after Initial Set-up $2.70$3.50Per hour
Technologist$48.00$60.80Per hour
Animal Procedures Fee4.3%10.0%Applied to total order including supplies
Bio Hazard$0.10$0.13Surcharge per cage
Husbandry Attendant$32.00$41.00Per hour