Rate and Billing Information

Below are the ARC service rates that are currently in place. For more information, download the following memorandum:

Notice of Rate Adjustment Effective March 1, 2022 (PDF)

Animal Resource Center (ARC) Cost, Subsidy and Rate Schedule FY2021/22

Species1Full Cost1Central Subsidy1Net Per Diem RateExternal Rate2
SPF Mouse
Barrier Mouse$1.22$0.32$0.90$1.55
Wild Mouse$1.55$0.45$1.10$1.96
Non-ARC Mouse$0.460$0.46$0.63
Aquatic Room$6.67$3.65$3.02$8.44
For species not listed above, contact the ARC to obtain an estimated rate for budgetary purposes
  1. Internal Rates – The first column is the true cost to the university for each of the species (except to external users). The second column is the share to be paid by ARC from OVPR accounts and the third column is what will be billed to users for their share, effective 3/1/22.
  2. External Rates – Rates charged to internal users benefit from substantial subsidy funds provided to the ARC. However, the University does not extend this subsidy to external customers. External rates are based on total operating costs and include an additional institutional surcharge used to cover facilities and administrative expenses. The ARC does not generally directly support external users but there are situations where another university department utilizes ARC services as part of their project funded directly by an external user. In these cases, the ARC will bill the external rate, so the budgeting for these projects must take this into account. External users are entities or persons over whom The University of Texas at Austin has no fiduciary responsibility, regardless of the user’s relation to the university’s academic or research mission. External users include universities/colleges other than The University of Texas at Austin, commercial entities, nonaffiliated not-for-profit organizations, other state agencies, students, and members of faculty or staff acting in a personal capacity.

Rates for Services

ServicesRateExternal RateBase
Surgery Suite$26.79$34.00Per Case
Anesthesia Small
   Per Case$10.00$13.00Per Case
   Per Hour after Initial Set-up $1.52$2.00Per Hour
Anesthesia Large
   Per Case$14.00$18.00Per Case
   Per Hour after Initial Set-up $2.51$4.00Per Hour
Technologist$50.00$64.00Per Hour
Chem-Hazard$0.13$0.17Surcharge Per Cage
Bio Hazard$0.14$0.18Surcharge Per Cage
Husbandry Attendant$30.00$38.00Per Hour
  • As part of an ongoing effort to modernize the ARC billing software system, and to more closely align with billing models used by other cores, the ARC is upgrading to a new billing system. This new system also outlines OVPR subsidy information more clearly, so that PIs have a better understanding of ARC operating cost recovery, which includes significant subsidy support for many species.
  • There is no change in our actual per diem or service rates.
  • In this invoice, for line items charging for per diem care, “quantity” refers to the number of care days. “Per” defines the time period for the billed unit. The “unit price” is the unsubsidized cost, and “Extended” is the total unsubsidized cost (unit price * quantity).
  • The subsidy provided by the OVPR is outlined at the bottom right, called “Less: OVPR Contribution”.
  • As before, PIs have the opportunity to provide us with feedback regarding accounts to use for billing. This invoice includes the deadline by which PIs must provide that information to us.
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