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General contact information for ARC office members.

Main Office

Phone: 512-471-7534
Fax: 512-471-4336
Campus Mail Code: A2500

Physical Address

The University of Texas at Austin
Animal Resources Center (ARC)
2701 Speedway
Austin, TX 78712

Mailing Address

The University of Texas at Austin
Animal Resources Center
2701 Speedway, Stop A2500
Austin, TX 78712-0136

When/Who/How to Contact the ARC Veterinary Staff

The UT Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee has issued a guidance document (#15 – Guidelines for Veterinary Care, Health Checks, and Illness Reporting) which can be found on the IACUC Policies, Procedures and Guidelines page.

All personnel involved in vertebrate animal research should be familiar with the contents of that document, which explains under what circumstances research staff must notify the ARC or the IACUC regarding animal health, procedural complications, unexpected deaths, etc. As a quick reference, here is some abbreviated information for those looking to contact the veterinary group:

For urgent animal health concerns, 24-hour veterinary assistance is available using the emergency contact number: 512-471-4145

To communicate less urgent animal health issues, send a note to the ARC veterinary staff group email address:

This shared email inbox is monitored by the veterinarians and veterinary technologists and can be used to relay individual animal injury/illness reports, to report unexpected animal deaths or unanticipated research complications, etc.

To contact an ARC veterinarian directly to discuss non-emergency situations, obtain a veterinary treatment consult, etc.

You can find the updated contact information for any of the veterinarians in the Staff Directory, found at the top of this page.

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