R01 Writing Groups

Creating a competitive NIH R01 application requires careful thought and writing. PIs often struggle to carve out dedicated grant writing time in a schedule already full of teaching, research, service, and other scholarly activities. Writing groups are an effective technique for increasing writing effort. Being part of a peer group to whom you are held accountable, which meets at a regularly scheduled time for the dedicated purpose of writing, could just be the extra push you need to help your application materialize.

To support our PIs as they pioneer revolutionary, comprehensive research in public health, health sciences, and biomedical fields of study, OVPR Research Development has partnered with the Population Research Center to offer R01 Writing Groups.

Early-career and new-to-NIH PIs may find writing an R01 to be particularly daunting, lacking the “tips and tricks” more NIH-experienced PIs have learned. Therefore, the R01 Writing Groups Program offers additional support designed around the needs of our “pre-R01” PIs. Throughout the academic year, we will offer R01 skill-building events and component-specific resources. Critically, we will facilitate specific feedback from NIH-experienced UT PIs at key points in the writing process to ensure participants receive institute-specific expert guidance.


The R01 Writing Groups Program is centered around 4-6 person writing groups, matched according to shared research interests and availability. Writing Groups will meet regularly throughout the academic year to make progress on their R01 applications (minimum of 1.5 hours, every other week). Groups will be self-directed, taking advantage of sample agendas and OVPR-provided meeting spaces to develop a group that meets all members’ needs.

Additionally, participants will have access to:

  • R01 skill-building events (e.g., workshops, Q&As)
  • A curated library of R01 resources and guides
  • Opportunities for feedback on drafts from NIH-experienced UT PIs (once per semester)


  • Must be a UT Principal Investigator.
  • Must be working on an NIH R01 application (for any deadline through November 2024).
  • Must be able to meet with your writing group for a minimum of 1.5 hours every other week throughout the academic year.
  • Participation is capped at 40 participants. If interest exceeds this limit, preference will be given to PIs who have not yet secured R01 funding, regardless of career stage or history of R01 submissions.

Join Now!

Click here to submit a brief application. Deadline to apply is August 18, 2023.

Hear what last year’s participants have to say:

“This has been one of my most rewarding experiences at UT thus far.”

“This program really made a positive impact on my specific aims. I made major changes to the way I write the specific aims – and slimmed down the focus of the study. After I made these changes I got great feedback from colleagues. I talked to two different program officers, I got great feedback from both of them. It was a much better experience. I’m very proud of the proposal and concept. This timeline let me think and revise and provided space to come up with a good idea. This is an amazing resource!!!”

“In the end, I submitted two R01s for the June 5 deadline, plus other grants along the way, so this was a very effective experience for me.”

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