Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) GuidelinesThe Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) Guidelines apply to all staff within the Office of the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors portfolio. Visit the University's FWA website for the FWA form, University's expectations document, and additional information.PDF

Researcher ResponsibilitiesFormal policy guidance for the conduct of research.WEB
Direct CostsCost principles and procedures for budgeting selected items of costsWEB
Research TitlesPolicy for assigning appropriate research titles to individuals whose primary activities are to conduct research at, or on behalf of, the University.
Related Resources:
- Procedures for Research Titles (PDF)
- Research Titles Offer Letters - Word version of all letters (Word)
- Visiting Researchers and Scholars Overview (Web)
- Nonemployee Research Affiliate Approval Request (Web)
- Nonemployee Research Affiliate Agreement (Word)
Guidelines for Conflict of InterestTraining and reporting requirements for Conflict of Interest.WEB
Memorandum of Understanding on Controlled SubstancesPolicy for the use of controlled items (chemical precursors and certain lab apparatus).PDF
Office of Sponsored ProjectsServices provided by the Office of Sponsored Projects include sponsored project award account setup, sponsor billing and collection, financial reporting, requisition review and approvals, award final closeout, audit response and support, and training.WEB
Handbook of Operating ProceduresWeb version of university policies within the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) with a search tool.WEB
Scientific IntegrityPolicy on misconduct in science and other scholarly activities.WEB
Laboratory SafetyGuidelines on laboratory safety published by Environmental Health and Safety.WEB
Export ControlsRegulations and resources for export control. WEB
BiosafetyPolicies, guidelines, and training for research involving recombinant DNA and biohazardous materials.WEB
Radiation SafetyPolicies, guidelines, and training for the use of radioactive materials, and X-ray machines.WEB
Use of Animals in ResearchPolicies, procedures, and guidelines about animal research.WEB
Use of Human Subjects in ResearchPolicies, procedures, standards, and regulations about human subjects research.WEB

SB 17 Research FAQsResearch-related FAQs on implementation of Senate Bill 17WEB
Texas Education CodeWeb version of Education Code within the Texas Constitution and StatutesWEB

Code of Federal RegulationsElectronic Code of Federal RegulationsWEB
Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200)Uniform administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements for federal awards.WEB
Federal Acquisition RegulationsWeb version of Federal Acquisition Regulations with a search tool.WEB
Federal RegisterThe Office of the Federal Register informs citizens of their rights and obligations and documents the actions of Federal agencies.WEB
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Guide for Grants and ContractsPolicies and guidelines for medical and behavioral research grants and contacts published by the National Institutes of Health. WEB
National Science Foundation (NSF) Policy OfficeThe Policy Office is responsible for issuing proposal and award policy for the programs of the National Science Foundation.WEB

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