Units that serve to facilitate the research enterprise.

Committees made up of faculty members and administrators, and in some cases community members, that oversee research activities.

Facilities dedicated to providing the latest equipment and knowledge necessary to assist researchers.

Find research computing resources available to University faculty and staff.

Learn more about the process of submitting a proposal.

Organizations that help to move groundbreaking discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Frequently asked questions for inventors.

Find current policies and regulations about research activities.

Download forms and associated documents related to research activities.

From geography students examining conditions in the Amazon River regions of South America to faculty collaborations on international research projects to faculty digging into Parisian libraries, international research efforts are a vibrant part of UT.

Useful information for visiting researchers and scholars.

Undergraduate research journals are run by an all-student staff.

A diverse community of research-experienced scientists and engineers dedicated to supporting and communicating relevant topics and research opportunities that impact professional growth.

QuitDay promotes smoke-free universities and helps college students quit smoking cigarettes. It also awards scholarships yearly to students who share their vision for a smoke-free world.

Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative (TFCCI) promotes and supports the adoption and implementation of tobacco-free policies at universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning across the United States.

Texas ScholarWorks provides online access to the products of the University's research and scholarship.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) promotes healthy and safe operations on campus.

National Council of University Research Administration (NCURA) professional development and educational opportunities for research staff.