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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based application designed exclusively to support data capture for research studies.

REDCap Features

Build online surveys and databases quickly and securely in your browser – Create and design your project using a secure login from any device. No extra software required. Access from anywhere, at any time.

Fast and flexible – Go from project creation to starting data collection in less than one day. Customizations and changes are possible any time, even after data collection has begun.

Advanced instrument design features – Auto-validation, calculated fields, file uploading, branching/skip logic, and survey stop actions.

e-Consent – Perform informed consent electronically for participants via survey.

Diverse and flexible survey distribution options – Use a list of email addresses or phone numbers for your survey respondents and automatically contact them with personalized messages, and track who has responded. Or create a simple link for an anonymous survey for mass email mailings, to post on a website, or print on a flyer.

REDCap Mobile App – Collect data offline using an app on a mobile device when there is no WIFI or cellular connection, and then later sync data back to the server.

Data quality – Use field validation, branching/skip logic, and Missing Data Codes to improve and protect data quality during data entry. Open data queries to automatically identify and resolve discrepancies and other issues real-time.

Custom reporting – Create custom searches for generating reports to view aggregate data. Identify trends with built-in basic statistics and charts.

Export data to common analysis packages – Export your data as a PDF or as CSV data for easy analysis in SAS, Stata, R, SPSS, or Microsoft Excel.

Secure file storage and sharing – Upload and share any type of file with anyone in the world through the File Repository feature or Send-It tool. Also works with exports and other built-in file uploading features.

Data-based triggers and alerts – Send real-time alerts and notifications to your team or other stakeholders via email, text, or phone based on certain data being entered or specific questions having a particular answer.

Connect to other resources – Use built-in features (API) to move data to/from your project. Build your own custom software development features to connect your project to other systems.

General Information

  • Research IT Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. (Click here for UT Austin Holiday Schedule)
  • IT Support Request will be responded to within 2-3 business days.
  • There will be limited support for project setup, training, or consultation.
  • Although the REDCap Mobile App is available for use, we cannot provide administrative or technical support for the mobile application at the present time. REDCap Mobile App documentation can be found here.
  • If you are a Dell Medical REDCap user, please follow this link and you will keep your project there until the OVPR has evaluated the next version of REDCap with a larger user population.
RedCap Quick Tips

  • The “Field Label” is the displayed text label. The “Variable Name” is the raw field name.
  • Tag all identifying information fields (e.g., name, SSN, address) as “identifier” fields.
  • Required fields and ranges will only issue warnings in forms. They are not hard requirements. However, required fields and ranges are hard requirements for surveys.

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