Electronic Research Administration

The Office of Sponsored Projects can help you obtain access to the electronic systems required for proposal submission and award management. The University has its own internal research management system known as RMS which helps to track all sponsored project proposals and awards. Additionally, each Sponsor may have its own proprietary system through which you will need to interface during the lifecycle of your award. Authorizations for electronic systems are role-specific. It is important to determine what role you will play in the proposal submission and award management process to request appropriate authorization.

Internal Systems

The Research Management System (RMS) is the University’s internal system for tracking all sponsored project proposals and awards. Proposal Review Forms (PRF) are submitted in RMS for proposal review and approval by OSP. PRFs are also submitted in RMS for continuation and supplement requests, which are approved and submitted by OSP.

Sponsor Systems

The Federal Government and individual sponsors have proprietary systems through which your proposal will be submitted and your award managed. The University maintains accounts in hundreds of sponsor systems, and OSP is the authorized organizational representative (AOR) for the University.

Research.gov is the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) grants management system that provides easy access to research-related information and grants management services in one location. New users create an account in Research.gov and request roles from within the account.

  • New users register directly with NSF through Research.gov.
  • Existing users can access the NSF ID Lookup page for their NSF ID. Forgotten passwords for established NSF accounts may be retrieved here.

eRA Commons provides the infrastructure to manage research and non-research grants awarded by NIH.

  • New users must submit a request to OSP to generate an eRA Commons ID.
  • Existing users can reset a password by going to the eRA Commons website and Under Commons Login, click Forgot Password/Unlock Account.

Cayuse 424 is a web based software that interfaces with Grants.gov and is designed to simplify the preparation and electronic submission of proposals.

  • New users must submit a request to OSP to generate a Cayuse 424 username and password.
  • Existing users can reset a password by selecting the “Forgot username or password” option on the login page: https://utaustin.cayuse424.com

Grants.gov is the central portal for federal grant opportunities. Once an opportunity has been identified, The University recommends using Cayuse 424 for proposal preparation.

  • New users – If it is determined that you need a Grants.gov account, you must submit a request to OSP to generate a Grants.gov account.
  • Existing users – If your existing account is no longer required, please submit a ticket to deactivate your account.