IBC Training

IBC Required Safety Training

All required training must be completed and current by the PI and research personnel for approval of IBC protocols.

All courses are available on UT Learn except for OH 102. Direct links to all the courses, including the template for OH 102, are available on the EHS training website.

Required by the PI and all laboratory personnel applying for IBC approval:

  • OH 101 Hazard Communication (General)
  • OH 102 Hazard Communication (Site-Specific) – Taught by the laboratory’s Principal Investigator or Supervisor. The training must be documented using the standardized HazCom Training Record – Labs Site-Specific (PDF) with a checklist covering training topics that is available from EHS.
  • OH 201 Laboratory Safety
  • OH 202 Hazardous Waste Management
  • OH 207 Biological Safety
  • OH 238 Laboratory Safety Refresher – Required 3 years after OH 201 and every 3 years thereafter.

Required by some labs applying for IBC approval:

  • OH 218 Bloodborne Pathogens – Required annually for all personnel working in labs with human blood or tissues.
  • OH 601 Dry Ice Shipping – Required every 2 years for all personnel involved in dry ice shipments.

Required Lab Biosafety Manual and Inspection

A currently approved lab biosafety manual and inspection is required for approval of IBC protocols.

  • The lab biosafety manual must be maintained with current information in Appendices A, B, and C.
  • All research and teaching activities involving rsNA, and biohazardous materials, agents, and toxins must have the lab and any related animal housing space inspected by EHS for the biocontainment level (BSL or ABSL) appropriate for the work described in the rDNA and/or Biosafety protocols.
  • Annual biosafety inspections are required but may be more often depending on risk or funding agency.
  • Contact EHS at 512-471-3511 for additional information on the lab biosafety manual or to schedule a biosafety inspection.

For more information, refer to the EHS Biosafety website.

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