IBC Member List


NameDepartment/IBC AffiliationMembership Specialty
Alan Lloyd, Ph.D., ChairMolecular Biosciences, College of Natural SciencesPlant Expert
Darrin H. Brager, Ph.D.Center for Learning and Memory, College of Natural Sciences
Karen S. Browning, Ph.D., Vice-ChairDepartment of Chemistry and BiochemistryPlant Expert
Austin Cooney, Ph.D.Department of Pediatrics, Dell Medical School
Ryan Gray, Ph.D.Department of Pediatrics, Dell Medical School
Ann Harasimowitz, B.S.College of Natural Sciences
Gregory C Ippolito, Ph.D.Department of Molecular Biosciences
Sabine Lange, Ph.D.Community Member, Texas Commission on Environmental QualityNon-affiliated Member
Rachel A. LeBansky, M.S., CBSP (alternate for D. Nolan)Environmental Health and Safety
Paul Macdonald, Ph.D.Molecular Biosciences, College of Natural SciencesAnimal Expert
Rajini Maiya, Ph.D.College of Pharmacy
Annalee W. Nguyen, Ph.D.McKetta Department of Chemical EngineeringLaboratory Representative
Dennis Nolan, M.P.H., M.S.Environmental Health and SafetyBiological Safety Officer
Glen Otto, D.V.M., DACLAMAnimal Resources CenterAnimal Expert
Lori Roalson, Ph.D.Office of Research Support and Compliance & Compliance
Jeffery Taylor, M.P.HCommunity Member, Austin/Travis County Health DepartmentNon-affiliated Member
Emin Ulug, Ph.D.Biology Instructional Office, College of Natural Sciences
Christian Whitman, Ph.D.Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy
Boris V. Zemelman, Ph.D.Neuroscience, College of Natural SciencesAnimal Expert

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