IBC Dates, Deadlines, and Fees

IBC Meeting Dates

The IBC may choose to review any submission at a convened Meeting. These submissions are designated for Full Committee Review (FCR). All new submissions involving recombinant nucleic acid molecules are designated for FCR. Non-recombinant submissions of increased complexity and concern have a higher likelihood of being designated for FCR.

When to Submit

Protocols must undergo a pre-review procedure that includes an assessment for completeness and confirmation of content prior to being sent to the Committee for review. It is recommended that complex protocols such as those describing multiple aims, RG-2 vectors, pathogenic agents, or novel procedures and technology be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the meeting. Researchers are encouraged to consider splitting complex projects especially those with multiple aims into additional protocol(s) when possible, to facilitate a faster review process. Protocols that have not sufficiently advanced in the review process may be withheld from the agenda until it has advanced in review process. If you have funding pending IBC approval, please contact the IBC. RSC personnel will work with you to help facilitate the protocol submission, review and approval process.

Scheduled IBC Meeting Dates

2023 Scheduled IBC Meeting Dates2024 Scheduled IBC Meeting Dates
October 10, 2023January 30, 2024
November 14, 2023No meeting in February
December 12, 2023March 5, 2024
April 9, 2024
May 14, 2024
June 11, 2024
July 30, 2024
No meeting in August
September 10, 2024
October 15, 2024
November 12, 2024
December 10, 2024

At the discretion of the IBC, scheduled meeting dates may change or additional meeting dates may be added to the schedule.

IBC Fees

Fees are assessed in the following situations:

  • Industry sponsored clinical trials submitted for review and approval by the IBC.
  • Research involving recombinant nucleic acid molecules, hazardous materials, infectious agents, or toxins conducted in UT facilities on behalf of non-UT institutions when there is no award to UT.
IBC ActionFee
Initial Convened IBC Review$2,500
Tri-Annual Renewal Review$2,500
Amendment Review $700
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