eProtocol IBC Information Center

eProtocol IBC allows for the online submission, review, routing, and tracking of all research protocols and/or teaching activities that involve or use recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules (rsNA) and biohazardous agents, materials, and toxins are registered with the IBC.

Access to eProtocol IBC (and the AALAS Learning Library training modules) is restricted to current faculty, staff, and students. If you have a UT EID and are unable to log on to eProtocol IBC, you and your sponsoring Principal Investigator must complete the eProtocol IBC Access Form (Word). Return completed form(s) to the Office of Research Support and Compliance via email to IBC@austin.utexas.edu.

  • To create a new protocol, log in to eProtocol IBC. Click the blue “Create Protocol” button, enter a protocol title, select the “IBC” check box and “IBC Protocol Form” radio button, and then click the blue “Create” button before the protocol application will be generated, a protocol number assigned, and saved.
  • To make a change (i.e., amendment, modification, revision, etc.), you must create a protocol AMENDMENT in eProtocol IBC.
  • To extend the approval period of your protocol by one year, you must create a protocol CONTINUING REVIEW in eProtocol IBC.
  • If all work on a protocol is complete, you must request to retire the protocol by creating and submitting a Protocol Closure Report in eProtocol IBC.

Still have questions? refer to our recently updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • Use a recommended browser.

- If you are on a Windows machine, use Internet Explorer 8 (or newer version).
- If you are on a Apple machine, use Safari.

You may experience difficulties when using other operating system/browser combinations.

  • Allow pop-up windows.

Pop-up blocking software prevents the eProtocol application from opening certain windows. You'll need to make sure that your browser has all pop-up blocking software disabled while using eProtocol IBC.

  • Avoid using your browser's BACK button.

Instead, use the menus and links within the application to navigate.

  • SAVE frequently.

eProtocol IBC will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity. Only actions that cause the page to refresh or reload (such as saving or navigating to a new section) are indications to the system that your session is active.

  • Be patient.

Some processes can take a minute to run. Although data is loading, your browser may not indicate activity.

  • Sign Out when done.

To protect your private information, always log off and shut down your browser completely (close all browser windows) when you are finished using eProtocol IBC.

IBC Protocol Form Page

  • Navigate using the IBC Protocol Form Navigation buttons in the upper right corner of the protocol window, or jump straight to a particular section using the left-hand menu.

NOTE: Until the first section ("Components") is completed, you cannot skip ahead (e.g., to "specifics", etc.)

  • You can save your work by clicking "SaveIBC Protocol Form Save Button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Each time you advance a page, the application form will be automatically saved.

NOTE: If you are working on a particular page for a long time, you will need to save frequently to avoid losing work. The application will time out after 60 minutes on one page without saving.

  • Check boxes IBC Protocol Form Checkbox mean that you may select more than one item from that group.
  • Radio buttons IBC Protocol Form Radio Button mean that you may select only one item from that group.
  • Tables are used in parts of the application where you may need to add more than one item (for example, Viable Infectious Agent(s), Gene(s), Vector(s), Hosts(s), etc.).

IBC Protocol Form Table Header

To add information, click "click hereIBC Protocol Form Click Here . A new window will open where you enter the details related to the agent. When you click "OKIBC Protocol Form OK in this window, the information is saved and summary information is displayed in the table. For example:

IBC Protocol Table

To view the detailed information, click IBC Protocol Form View . This will re-open the window where you first entered the information, but you will not be able to edit the entry.

To edit the detailed information, click IBC Protocol Form Edit . This will re-open the window where you first entered the information, and you will be able to edit the entry.

To delete an entry, click IBC Protocol Form Delete A new window will open asking you to confirm whether you want to delete the record. Click "Yes".

IBC Protocol Form Confirm

  • Click on the "Check" left-hand menu option when you believe you have finished entering all of the necessary information. You will see a report indicating which section(s) may be missing information.

IBC Protocol Form Menu

NOTE: The check for completeness feature cannot check to see if all of the necessary supporting documents have been attached. Be sure to double-check that this has been done before you submit your protocol.

Contact the Office of Research Support and Compliance with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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