IRB Submission Forms

Study Proposal Templates

To access the most recent versions of these materials, please download them from the UTRMS-IRB Library, “Templates” tab.

*One of the following templates must be uploaded with your submission.

HRP-UT901 – Template IRB Proposal Standard Submission

  • Use for greater than minimal risk studies and minimal risk studies that fit into one or more expedited categories (see Section 5.3 of our Policies and Procedures for details regarding expedited research).
  • Do NOT submit this form if the study will qualify for exempt review (see Section 5.4 of our Policies & Procedures for details regarding exempt research).

HRP-UT902 – Template IRB Proposal Exempt Submission

  • Use for Studies that meet one or more categories for exempt review (see Section 5.4 of our Policies & Procedures for details regarding exempt research).

HRP-UT903 – Template IRB Proposal Secondary Use Submission

  • Use for studies that are ONLY utilizing secondary data or specimens and that meet the criteria for human subjects research.
  • If conducting chart reviews only (retrospective or prospective) use this form; do not use the exempt form or the standard submission form.

HRP-UT912 – Template IRB Proposal Humanitarian Use Device Submission

  • Use this form only for HUD submissions.

Supplemental Forms

Use the below supplemental forms as applicable for your study.

HRP-UT904 – Template IRB Supplemental Form Biospecimens

HRP-UT905 – Template IRB Supplemental Form Investigational Devices

HRP-UT906 – Template IRB Supplemental Form Drugs and Biologics

HRP-UT907 – Template IRB Supplemental Form Protected Health Information

HRP-UT908 – Template IRB Supplemental Form International Research

HRP-UT909 – Template IRB Supplemental Form Prisoners

HRP-UT910 – Template IRB Supplemental Form Registry or Repository Data

HRP-UT911 – Template IRB Supplemental Form Department of Defense

Note: Be sure to upload copies of all required/needed submission forms with your online submission in the UT Research Management Suite – IRB Module.

Informed Consent Templates and HIPAA Authorization Forms

HRP-UT920a – Template Informed Consent Form English

HRP-UT920b – Template Informed Consent Form Spanish

HRP-UT921a – Template Parental Permission Form English

HRP-UT921b – Template Parental Permission Form Spanish

HRP-UT922a – Template Assent Form English

HRP-UT922b – Template Assent Form Spanish

HRP-UT923a – Template Compact Informed Consent Form English

HRP-UT923b – Template Compact Informed Consent Form Spanish

HRP-UT924 – Template Debriefing Form

HRP-UT925 HIPAA Authorization – English

HRP-UT926 HIPAA Authorization – Spanish

UT Standard Consent Form Language 

Reliance Forms

HRP-UT932 – Request to Rely Assessment Form

HRP-UT930 – Template Request to Rely on an External IRB Form

HRP-UT931 – Template Site Specific Request to Rely on UT IRB Form

Emergency Use Request Form(s)

HRP-UT913 – Template Emergency Use Form

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