Following the Submission Process

In the UT Research Management Suite – IRB Module, it is easy for researchers to see at a glance where their submission is within the review process.

At the top of the study action workspace, you can see the below workflow. A version of this workflow snapshot is available for all actions submitted to the IRB for review.


The system uses “states” to classify where a submission is in the process. The following table defines the possible study states for a new study submission during the course of its review.

Study StatesDescription
Pre-SubmissionThe application is under preparation by the PI/submission preparer. The study will remain in this state until the PI/PI Proxy clicks Submit.
Pre-ReviewThe submission is in the queue / is being reviewed by the assigned IRB Analyst.
Clarifications Requested Pre-ReviewThe IRB Analyst has requested changes or clarification. The PI, PI Proxy and Primary Contact will receive an email notification advising them of the request. Details regarding the request can be found in the study workspace.
IRB ReviewThe submission is currently being reviewed by an IRB member.
Clarifications Requested IRB ReviewThe IRB member has requested changes or clarifications regarding the submission under review.
Post ReviewThe IRB letter advising the PI of the IRB member or IRB committee’s decision is being prepared.
Modifications RequiredThe IRB has requested additional modifications to secure final approval. The PI, PI Proxy and Primary contact will receive an email notification advising them of this request.
Review CompleteThe PI will receive the final approval/determination letter and IRB review is complete.

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