Converting Studies from IRBaccess to UTRMS-IRB

The conversion process for studies currently housed in IRBaccess will be starting in October 2020 for all expedited and exempt studies. At time of your next Continuing Review or Progress Report on or after October 1, 2020, you should submit a “Modification and Continuing Review” action in UTRMS-IRB.

It is strongly recommended that you begin this conversion process at least 3-4 weeks prior to your current approval end date.

When you log in to UTRMS-IRB, you will be able to see a shell protocol created for your current study in IRBaccess. This shell protocol contains basic information about your study that was copied from IRBaccess to UTRMS-IRB. You will need to update the SmartForm to have a complete copy of your study details in the UTRMS-IRB. Additionally, you will be required to upload the most recent versions of all study documents (proposal, supplemental proposal forms, consent forms (in Word Doc format), recruitment materials, study measures, surveys, site letters, etc.). See below for step-by-step instructions.

Note: If your full board or expedited study was originally approved prior to January 21, 2019, additional changes to study documents will be required to transition your study to the New Common Rule. You will be required to submit an updated proposal using the required HRP-UT901 – Template IRB Proposal Standard Submission and any supplemental proposal forms applicable to your study. The required templates can be accessed in the UTRMS-IRB Library or on the IRB Submission Forms page. Additionally, please see the Informed Consent Changes section (below) for additional information on the required changes needed to transition your study. If you have any questions about this transition, please reach out to the IRB staff via email at

To download a .pdf of the below instructions, please click here.

  1. Update proposal as required (see below for additional information).
  2. Download all most recently approved study documents from IRBaccess.
  3. Navigate to UTRMS-IRB and find the study you will be converting (Tip: the study number in UTRMS-IRB will be the same study number in IRBaccess, without the dashes).
  4. Open the study by clicking on the study title – this will take you to the study workspace.
  5. Click on Create Modification/CR/Closure.

    1. Choose "Modification and Continuing Review" as the purpose of the submission.
    2. Select "Other parts of the study."
      Note: To list current and new study team members, also choose "Study team member information."
    3. Click Continue.
    4. Continuing Review/Study Closure Information: Complete the Continuing Review information.
      Note: Only attach supporting documents if appropriate for the Continuing Review, general study documents will be attached later in the process.
    5. Modification Summary, Summarize the Modifications: Include "Convert study from IRBaccess to UTRMS-IRB."
      Note: If you will be making modifications to the currently approved research, provide a brief summary if any additional changes.

      If your study was originally approved prior to January 21, 2019 and you need to update your protocol and consent form to comply with the new common rule, add the following (as applicable to your research) to the Summarize the Modification section:
      “Update consent forms to new common rule (as required):

      1. Add key information page to consent form
      2.  Add information regarding future use of data/biospecimens.
      3. Add information regarding commercialization.
      4. Add information regarding disclosure of clinically relevant information.
      5. Add information regarding whether research will involve whole genome sequencing to consent form."

      For more information on the common rule transitions see the "Informed Consent Document Changes for New Common Rule" section below.

    6. Click Continue - you will then be directed to the overall study SmartForm. Follow instructions on updating the SmartForm in the table below.
    7. Once the SmartForm is updated (following instructions in the table below), Click Finish and on the study workspace, Click Submit to submit the Modification and Continuing Review action.

Although all active studies will be converted into the new system, there will be a handful of manual changes you will have to make when you submit your first Modification and Continuing Review in UTRMS-IRB. An inventory of these changes is listed below.

Manual Conversion ComponentDescription of Change
Basic Study Information
  1. Confirm title of study is accurate, make changes if needed.
  2. Confirm short title is accurate, make changes if needed.
  3. Brief description: Include a brief description of your study.
  4. What kind of study is this: Confirm response is correct, if not, update as needed.
  5. Will an external IRB act as the IRB of record: If relying on UT IRB, selection will default to "No." If you are moving the study to an external IRB for review, select "Yes."
  6. Local principal investigator: Confirm PI is correct, update if needed.
  7. Does the local PI have a FCOI: Confirm and modify if needed.
  8. Attach the protocol: Attach the UT proposal template (Standard Submission, Exempt, Secondary Use, or HUD proposal).
Study FundingUpdate the funding sources as appropriate.
Local Study Team MembersAdd research personnel and modify roles as needed. Be sure to include all research personnel engaged in human subjects research.
Study Scope
  1. Study involve drug, biologic, or supplement: update response as needed – select "Yes" if the study involves a drug/biologic/supplement and complete the additional drug smart form pages.
  2. Study involve investigational device or HUD: update response as needed – select "Yes" if the study involves an investigational device or HUD and complete the additional device/HUD smart form pages.
Local Research LocationsUpdate to include research locations (e.g., Dell Children’s Medical Center, Austin Independent School District, etc.).
Local Site Documents
  1. Consent forms: Upload Word Document copies of all currently approved consent, assent, and parent permission forms, as applicable.
  2. Recruitment materials: Upload copies of all recruitment materials.
  3. Other attachments: Upload copies of all other study materials including supplemental proposal documents, sponsor protocols, measures, surveys, interview guides, site letters (e.g., Seton Site Approval Tool confirmation, school district letters, etc.), and other study related materials as appropriate.

With the launch of UTRMS-IRB, the IRB office is also implementing new protocol/proposal templates and supplemental proposal forms. The research team converting current protocols/proposals to the new template should be able to copy/paste most of the text information and can complete the rest of the form by simply checking boxes (instructions appear at the top of each template document). All expedited and full board studies originally approved prior to January 21, 2019 will be required to convert their existing study proposals into the new proposal template and applicable supplemental proposal forms.

For all expedited and full board studies originally approved after January 21, 2019, it is recommended that you convert the study proposal to the new templates as they are built to be more collaborative.

Please reach out to the IRB staff at with questions.

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