IRB Review Timeline

Once a PI completes and submits an IRB electronic submission, the study is automatically routed for additional electronic signatures, from designated faculty members.

Designated faculty members for student research = Faculty sponsor + DRC
Designated faculty members for faculty research = DRC

These faculty members are automatically notified via email that a study is awaiting their electronic signature (approval). PIs who are concerned about the time frame for their study’s approval should contact these faculty members to ensure that their study is signed promptly. Only after these signatures have been obtained will the Office of Research Support and Compliance be notified that a study is officially submitted and ready for processing.

Exempt studies, posing minimal risk to human subjects, take approximately 2-3 weeks to be processed from the date received by RSC. Expedited studies take approximately 3-4 weeks to be processed from the date received by RSC. These processing timelines relate to when RSC staff provide feedback to the PIs regarding any actions that may be needed in preparing the study for IRB review and approval. An IRB approval timeline cannot be provided as it will vary from one submission to another.

It is important to remember that both exempt and expedited studies are reviewed “in house,” and thus, the full board does not review them. Therefore, the full board meeting and agenda dates and deadlines are not applicable to exempt and expedited studies. Full board studies are reviewed monthly. Each meeting has a corresponding agenda deadline. A study must be submitted on or before the agenda deadline to be reviewed by the board at that month’s meeting. Notification of determinations reached at the full board meetings are mailed to PIs within two weeks after the meeting date.

IRB Review Timeline

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