Instructions for Completing Human Subjects Research Training

If you have never completed human subjects training in CITI before, these instructions will guide through the process.

Before beginning the training, be sure to read all of the steps.

Access the CITI website through The University of Texas at Austin portal:

CITI login page

NOTE: If this is the first time you have visited the CITI website via the University of Texas at Austin login portal, you should select "I am a new visitor to CITI." Otherwise, select the option "I am a returning visitor to CITI." If you get an error message, simply use your browser's back button and select the returning visitor option.

Tip: If you encounter error messages, try clearing all browser cookies and using a new browser.

You will now be directed to log in to the CITI account. Select "Log in Through My Organization" and search "University of Texas at Austin." You may then log in with you EID.

CITI login page

You should be presented with the CITI Home page now. Under "Institutional Courses," select "View Courses."

CITI institutional courses page

On this page, please scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Add a Course."

CITI learner tools page

Under Question 1, select "Human Subjects / IRB training."

CITI Question 1 page

You will then be forwarded to question 4. Select "Yes" to the question titled “Are you here for Human Subjects / IRB training?”

CITI Question 4 page

Under Question 5, select either A) the course for "Biomedical Researchers" OR B) the course for "Social/Behavioral Researchers."

Note: All UT Austin researchers are required to complete one of these courses. Be sure to register for the correct course. You will not receive credit for the "IRB Member and Staff" course.

CITI Question 5 page

After selecting "Next," you will be taken back to your "Active Courses" page.

CIT active courses page

You will now be able to see and complete the course you registered for. To receive credit, you must complete all of the required modules and one of the elective modules with an average quiz score of 80. The optional modules are offered for researchers who wish to learn more about the specific topics and do not count towards human subject’s research training.

Questions? Contact the Office of Research Support and Compliance at 512-232-1543 or email

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