Instructions for Completing Human Subjects Training Refresher Course

These instructions apply to researchers who previously completed the University’s required human subjects training in CITI, but whose training records have expired.

Before beginning the refresher training course, be sure to read all of the steps.

Access the CITI website through The University of Texas at Austin portal (Requires UT EID):

Select "I am a returning visitor to CITI."


You will now be directed to the CITI Main Menu. Under “My Learner Tools for University of Texas Austin" follow the link for “Add a Course.”


Select Human Subjects/IRB Training and “Next.”


When asked “Are you here for Human Subjects/IRB training?” Select “Yes” and then “Next.”


Select either “Biomedical Researchers” or “Social/Behavioral Researchers” (which ever course you previously completed, but is now expired) and then “Next.”


Select “Stage 2. Refresher Course” and then “Submit.”


You will be routed back to the Main Menu where you will see the selected course listed in blue. Select the blue course title.


You will be routed to the Refresher Course page. Select the blue text to Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement before beginning the course.


Read the Terms of Service and submit your agreement.


After completing the Integrity Assurance Statement, you will be routed back to the Refresher course page. Complete the two Required Modules. Begin by selecting the first module title in blue.


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