Human Subjects Research Training FAQs

The CITI training was established on October 5, 2011 as the new updated human subject research training required.

"UT Austin's 4-part Human Subjects training module" is no longer offered nor accepted.

An overall score of 80% is required to complete the training.

You may take the training and quizzes an unlimited number of times. Note that the quiz questions and the order of questions do change.

You must select either the Social/Behavioral Researchers or Biomedical Researchers course. Select your curriculum based on the type of human subject research you primarily conduct.

Do not select the IRB Members and Staff course. You will not receive training completion credit for completing this course.

Be sure that you have completed the five (5) required modules and one (1) elective module. Check your completion report or grade book for any modules you may have missed. Also, your training record may appear incomplete if you have not selected the correct learner groups.

It takes up to two days for your CITI training records to be appear in IRBaccess. If you have waited two days since completing your IRB training in CITI, contact the the Office of Research Support and Compliance by phone at 512-471-8871 or by e-mail at for assistance.

If the delay in your CITI training record being recognized by IRBaccess is causing a delay in the submission of your application or if you have other concerns, contact the Office of Research Support and Compliance by phone at 512-471-8871 or by e-mail at

Access the CITI website through The University of Texas at Austin portal (Requires UT EID):

Select "I am a returning visitor to CITI."

When you arrive at the CITI website, go to "My Reports."

View the Completion Report for the course that you completed. You will be able to print or save the completion report as a .PDF file.

You can view your training records in IRBaccess by visiting the Research Training Verification page.

Be sure first that you logged onto CITI website via The University of Texas at Austin Portal:

After entering your UTEID and password and proceeding to the first CITI webpage you must Log in to CITI by selecting the option: I am a returning visitor to CITI.

Your user account was established immediately when you first navigated to the CITI site even though you did not make any course selections or complete training. Now that you have your user account established, after entering your UT EID and password, you must remember to Log in to CITI by selecting the option: I am a returning visitor to CITI.

Yes, the modules you completed previously are different than those now required at the University.

No, the University HRPP policy requires training for all faculty, faculty mentors, researchers, and students, including researchers from other institutions who wish to conduct human subject research at the University. For further information on training requirements visit The University of Texas at Austin IRB Policies and Procedure Manual 3.15 Training Requirements.

The modules you completed previously may be different than those required at the University, but you may be able to apply some of the previously completed modules towards the University's  training requirement. Affiliate Your CITI Account with The University of Texas at Austin to identify the modules that apply, and which ones you must take to satisfy the University's human subjects research training requirements.

For questions regarding human subjects research or training requirements, contact:

Office of Research Support and Compliance

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