Affiliate Your CITI Account with The University of Texas at Austin

If you have a CITI account with an institution other than The University of Texas at Austin, you may be able to apply some of your previously completed modules towards the University’s human subjects research training requirement by completing the steps below. The affiliation process will identify modules that apply, and which ones you must take to satisfy human subjects research training requirements for The University of Texas at Austin.

Steps to Affiliate with The University of Texas at Austin from an Existing CITI Account

Log in to your existing CITI account and navigate to your profile in the top right corner.

Navigate to section titled “Institutional Profiles” and follow the “Add An Affiliation” link.

CITI affiliation step 2

Search for “University of Texas at Austin,” then select from drop down list. Click the required boxes as requested and click continue.

CITI affiliation step 3

Fill out the form as appropriate.

“Institutional Username” is your guest UTEID.

"Institutional email address” is your home institution email address.

“Which course do you plan to take?” Select “Other.”

If you have not yet obtained a guest UTEID, please navigate to this website:

You will now be directed to CITI Main Menu. Select “My Courses” at the top of the window.

Scroll down to the section “Institutional Courses” and select the “View Courses” button next to the University of Texas at Austin.

On the new page, follow the link to “Add a Course” under the section “Learner Tools for University of Texas at Austin.”

CITI affiliation step 7

Question 1, “Select Curriculum - University of Texas at Austin:”

Choose "Human Subjects/IRB training”

Select "Next" to be directed to Question 4.


Question 4, "Are you here for Human Subjects/IRB training?"

Answer "Yes."

Select "Next" to be directed to Question 5.


Question 5, "Please Select the Human Subjects / IRB training Course below:"

Select either "Biomedical Researchers" or "Social/Behavioral Researchers" (as appropriate to your field of study)

Select "Next" to continue.


You will now be directed to the CITI Main Menu.

Navigate to the “My Courses” page, then again to “View Courses.”

Select the course name in blue to reveal the remaining required modules that you must complete in order to receive completion credit for The University of Texas at Austin.

You must complete all four (4) required modules and one (1) elective modules with an average quiz score of 80. The optional modules are offered for researchers who wish to learn more about the specific topics and do not count towards humans subjects research training credit.

Linking Completion Record to UT EID

When you affiliate with the University from your previous institution, your training records will NOT be linked to your UT EID and will not be added to University records. To link your CITI training records with your UT EID, email the following information to AFTER completing the above 11 steps.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. UT EID
  3. CITI Member ID number
    "CITI Member IDs are listed after the researcher’s name on CITI Training Completion Reports. Additionally, CITI Member IDs can be located upon log-in to a person’s CITI account, in the top right corner."

Questions? Contact the Office of Research Support and Compliance at 512-232-1543 or email

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