Disclosure Requirements

There are 4 main categories that should be considered when making disclosures to UT: personal financial interests, outside activities, substantial foreign relationships or engagements, and research support (monetary or in-kind) that is not managed through UT Austin sponsored projects. A description of each of these categories is provided here (with some activities included under multiple categories).

Please note that financial interests and professional activities of a member of your household (spouse/partner/dependent) must be included in your disclosure profile IF the interest would reasonably appear to be related to your employment and work at UT.

Disclose payments, remuneration, equity holdings, or ownership interests currently held or received during the past 12 months, if these financial interests would reasonably appear to be related to your area of expertise or to your UT responsibilities (including teaching, research, or service):

  • Payments: Salary, payments, honoraria in excess of $600 annually from a single entity outside of UT Austin
  • Equity: Equity interest or direct stock ownership in a publicly traded entity where the value is >$5,000; Any equity interest (stock, stock options or other ownership interest) in a non-publicly traded entity regardless of value or percent ownership
  • IP Income: Receiving royalties, licensing fees, or other income from patents, copyrights, or other intellectual property
  • Sponsored Travel: Travel supported by an entity other than UT or other U.S. institutions of higher education
  • Gifts: Gifts (both monetary and non-monetary) from a single entity that exceed $250 in value, including gifts made to you personally that are related to your institutional responsibilities


  • Income from service on an advisory board for a company (startup company, pharmaceutical
    company, etc.)
  • Income from outside consulting work related to your area of academic expertise
  • Receiving a stipend and reimbursement for travel expenses for an industry speaking
  • Receipt of royalty payments (your share of royalty income) from technology developed at UT or
    any other institution
  • Holding equity interest in a co-founded company
  • Holding equity (stock valued at $5,000 or more) in a company that sponsors your research

You are not required to disclose: income from investment vehicles, such as mutual funds or retirement accounts, as long as you do not directly control the investment decisions made; travel supported by a U.S. government agency or U.S. institution of higher education; income from service on an advisory committee or review panel for a U.S. government agency or U.S. institution of higher education

Disclose any outside appointments and activities held or performed currently or during the past 12 months. This includes any activity, compensated or uncompensated, that occurs outside the duties and responsibilities of your University appointment.

  • Outside Academic Appointments: Holding an appointment at an institution other than UT (e.g. adjunct faculty, visiting professor, affiliate professor, lecturer, honorary appointments, emeritus appointments, advisory service, etc.)
  • Board/Leadership Positions: Assuming a board service, executive, or management position for an outside entity (e.g. President, Chief Scientific Officer, CEO, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, etc.)
  • Professional Services/Outside Employment: Providing paid or unpaid professional services related to your institutional responsibilities (e.g. editorial services, personal consulting, clinical services, other external employment)
  • Continuing Education/Other Education Services: Presenting or creating educational material for continuing education or other education programs (e.g. training seminars, educational series, other classes or courses)
  • Expert Witness/Legal Consulting: Serving as an expert witness or legal consultant in a legal matter like a lawsuit or a potential lawsuit.


  • Providing scientific expertise to a pharmaceutical manufacturer as a consultant
  • Serving as the CTO for a startup or other technology company
  • Serving as a legal consultant for a potential lawsuit
  • Developing and delivering technical training for employees of an outside company
  • Providing mental health services in private practice

You are not required to disclose: volunteer or community service activities or positions; employment unrelated to your institutional responsibilities and taking place outside of your normal UT working hours; activities that are part of your assigned UT duties and responsibilities

Disclose your current and previous substantial foreign relationships from the past 12 months. Disclose any compensated services provided to foreign entities where payments meet financial interest disclosure requirements (as described above).

  • Substantial Foreign Relationships: Any relationship between a UT Austin employee and a program that is sponsored, funded, directed, or controlled by a foreign government, agency, or institution that results in an honorary title; employment; grant support; in-kind support, such as research facilities and equipment; or collaborative patents.


  • Being appointed as a visiting scholar at a foreign research institute
  • Holding an honorary appointment at a foreign institution of higher education
  • Participating in a talent program sponsored by a foreign government or organization
  • Receiving compensation to serve on an advisory committee for a foreign entity

You are not required to disclose: conducting peer review or engaging in an international research collaboration that does not involve a formal relationship with a foreign entity, financial support, or in- kind support.

Disclose your participation in sponsored research that is not managed by UT Austin through the Office of Sponsored Projects, the Office of Industry Engagement, or Dell Medical School.

Research Gifts: All corporate and non-corporate Research Gifts managed through UT Development must be disclosed. This includes all gifts to the University that support your work or the work in your research group at UT.

External Monetary or In-Kind Research Support: Serving as investigator or research personnel on sponsored research not managed by UT Austin; Receiving “in-kind” research support from an international source, including: research space; external support for research personnel; equipment; data, specimens, or materials.


  • Receiving research space and personnel from a foreign institution of higher education where you hold an outside appointment
  • Foreign support received by a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or visiting scholar that supports a UT faculty member’s research endeavors
  • Receiving payment (consulting payment or salary) from a for-profit company to conduct research in your area of expertise
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