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Are you looking for protocol documents? The IACUC uses eProtocolIACUC for the online submission, review, and tracking of animal utilization protocols (AUP) and Animal Use Registration Forms (AURF). Refer to the eProtocol IACUC & eAnimal Ordering page for more information.

The IACUC conducts semiannual facility evaluations of all the University's animal facilities, including satellite facilities, using the Guide as a basis for evaluation.  The “Laboratory Self-Evaluation Checklists” contain many of the most common previous findings and labs are encouraged to utilize them when preparing for semiannual facility evaluations.

Terrestrial Animal Housing and Support Areas ChecklistPDF
Aquatic Animal Housing and Support Areas ChecklistPDF
Aseptic Surgery Areas ChecklistPDF
Non-Aseptic Surgical, Euthanasia, and Other Procedural Areas Checklist PDF

The IACUC is obligated to investigate concerns regarding the care and treatment of animals used in research, teaching, or test at the university. Concerns about animal care and use should be reported to the Attending Veterinarian, the IACUC, or University Compliance Services. The names and phone number of these contact points should be posted in animal facilities and laboratories.

Whistleblower Policy Posting (English Version)PDF
Whistleblower Policy Posting (Spanish Version)PDF

This document was created to assist investigators at The University of Texas at Austin who house animals within a UT Austin centrally managed vivarium with the writing of the ACURO Animal Use Appendix.

Template Language for ACURO Animal Use AppendixDOCX
Template Language for ACURO Animal Use AppendixPDF

This document was created to assist investigators at UT Austin that need to list institutional resources available to support vertebrate animal research in grant proposals or funding support applications.

Animal Facility Resource SummaryDOC
Animal Facility Resource SummaryPDF

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