Honors and Recognition

Honors Spotlight:

Caitlin Casey

Caitlin M. Casey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Astronomy

College of Natural Sciences

Recipient of the RCSA Cottrell Scholars Award

The Research Corporation for Science Advancement names Caitlin Casey as the recipient of the Cottrell Scholars Award for her project, Diverse Perspectives: The Impact of Dust and Gas on Cosmic History and Equity-Minded Inquiry-based Astronomy. The Cottrell Scholar (CS) program champions the very best career teacher-scholars in chemistry, physics and astronomy by providing significant discretionary awards for research. Dr. Casey’s research focuses on galaxy formation and evolution, from the earliest times after the Big Bang to the present day. In particular, she investigates the most massive and luminous galaxies in the Universe, which form stars at rates several hundreds of times higher than our own Milky Way.