Limited Submission Programs

Limited submission programs are those for which funding agencies restrict the number of nominations or proposals a university may submit for consideration for an award. The University of Texas at Austin, therefore, must internally screen all eligible and interested nominees to determine which will represent the university in the regional, national or international competitions.

Below is a list of limited submission programs in which UT currently competes. Included are deadlines for internal review and the final deadlines of the awarding agency. Researchers must contact their Dean’s or ORU Director’s office to ensure that deadlines at that level of review are met. Please note: This list is not exclusive nor exhaustive, since new programs are developed and existing programs change.

Documents required by the Vice President for Research Office (VPR) are listed for each internal competition. Potential nominees must ensure that they are aware of any additional requirements and eligibility guidelines of the awarding body beyond the VPR internal competition. In all cases, requirements for internal review will mirror the requirements of the awarding body to reduce duplication or extraneous paperwork. Unless stated otherwise, all required documentation should be submitted electronically (preferably as a PDF file) by the posted deadline.

Every effort will be made to maintain current and accurate information within this list; however, the awarding agency’s posted information remains the final authority.

Visit the Office of Sponsored Projects website for a list of limited submission programs. If a UT researcher intends to submit for a limited submission program not on this list, he/she must contact Courtney Frazier in the Office of Sponsored Projects to secure authorization to submit on behalf of The University of Texas at Austin.

For VPR-administered award, fellowship and grant programs, visit the Awards, Fellowships and Grants page.

Limited Submission Programs Show More

ProgramsVPR Internal DeadlineFunding Agency DeadlineNominee(s) Selected to Advance
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science’s International Prize for Biology03/30/1604/22/16Eric Pianka (Integrative Biology)
The Edith and Peter O'Donnell Awards: The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas (TAMEST)03/28/1604/30/16Daniel Bolnick (Integrative Biology); Tan Bui-Thanh (Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics); Mia Markey (Biomedical Engineering); Mikhail Matz (Integrative Biology); Lauren Meyers (Integrative Biology)
Japan Prize01/04/1602/29/16None
Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists11/02/1511/18/15Andrea Alù (Electrical & Computer Engineering); Mia Markey (Biomedical Engineering); Michael Rose (Chemistry)
Tang Prize in Sustainable Development07/27/1509/30/15
Tang Prize in Biopharmaceutical Science07/27/1509/30/15
Tang Prize in Sinology07/27/1509/30/15
Tang Prize in Rule of Law07/27/1509/30/15
The Wolf Prizes07/24/1508/31/15Z. Jeffrey Chen (Molecular Biosciences)
SURA Distinguished Friend of Science Award07/20/1509/11/15Chandra R. Bhat (Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering)
Enrico Fermi Award06/30/15Mark Raizen (Physics)
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award06/30/15Steven R. Biegalski (Mechanical Engineering)
Raymond & Beverly Sackler International Prize in Biophysics05/18/1506/15/15None
SURA Distinguished Scientist Award10/27/1412/15/14Hung-wen (Ben) Liu (College of Pharmacy)
ORAU Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates (Graduate Students in Medicine/Physiology)10/20/1410/24/14Finalists/awardees:
Jeffrey Dick (Chemistry); Kyle Klavetter (Chemical Engineering);
ORAU Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates (Graduate Students in Economics)11/11/1311/15/13None
Raymond & Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences10/28/1311/1/13None
ORAU Events Sponsorship ProgramTwo calls will be issued until one successful application is received: 8/15 and 2/15 annually.UT may submit one application each fiscal year (Oct. 1 – Sept. 30).
ORAU Travel Grants8/15 and 2/15 annuallyN/A. Each ORAU Institution is limited to two requests within ORAU’s fiscal year (Oct. 1 – Sept. 30).

Not-Limited Submission Programs Show More

ProgramsFunding Agency DeadlineNominee(s) Selected to AdvanceNumber for sorting
Hackerman Award in Chemical Research (Welch Foundation)09/15/1611
National Medal of Science04/15/1610
National Medal of Technology & Innovation04/01/169
Balzan Prizes03/15/168
Robert A. Welch Award in Chemistry01/29/16Kenneth Johnson (Biochemistry)7
Beckman-Argyros Award in Vision Research11/20/156
NSF - Alan T. Waterman Award10/23/155
NSB’s Vannevar Bush Award10/01/154
NSB’s Public Service Award10/01/153
Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement09/11/152
Millenium Technology Prize07/31/151

Other Limited Submission Opportunities Show More

ProgramsFunding Agency DeadlineInstitutional Contact
Luce Scholars Program11/1/16Elizabeth Korves, Office of Graduate Studies (OGS); 512-232-3603.
NEH Summer Stipends9/29/16Elizabeth Korves, Office of Graduate Studies (OGS); 512-232-3603.
U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)5/14/15Elizabeth Korves, Office of Graduate Studies (OGS); 512-232-3603.
Beckman Scholars Program6/15/16Kristine Haskett, College of Natural Sciences;
MSRI Summer Graduate Schools3/1/16Thomas Chen, Dept of Mathematics;
Trudeau Scholars12/11/15Elizabeth Korves, Office of Graduate Studies (OGS); 512-232-3603.