Project Team

Project Team

Executive Sponsors

  • Dan Jaffe, Interim Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Alison Preston, Interim Vice President for Research

Governance Committee

  • Jennifer Lyon Gardner, Deputy Vice President for Research
  • Renee Gonzales, Assistant Vice President for Research, Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Michelle Stickler, Assistant Vice President for Research, Office of Research Support and Compliance

Core Team

  • Marc Bruner, Project Director
  • Michael Godwin, Program Administrator
  • Meenakshi Ramnath, Research Business Analyst
  • Miles Kahlden, Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Sara Clough, Outreach and Training Strategist
  • Erica Dougherty, Outreach and Training Coordinator
  • David Tubis (Project Director, Huron)
  • Jon Dutt (Consulting Associate, Huron)

Business Owners

Non-Funded Agreements

  • Renee Gonzales, OSP
  • Mark Featherson, OSP
  • Ty K Helpinstill, OIE
  • Expanded Team


  • Michelle Stickler, RSC
  • Kristen Crabtree, RSC
  • William Grant, RSC
  • Expanded Team