Capacity Building & Support Programming

Research Administration Support

Proposal development services for center grants, training grants and other major proposals; OVPR-facilitated collaborative research initiatives; faculty and PI development programming.

Professional development and networking opportunities for research administrators and the VPR-sponsored Research Administrator Awards

Information about Funding Types, Granting Agencies and Research Processes

Peer advice and policy expert recommendations about research processes at UT Austin

Tips and best practices shared via panel discussions and seminars by UT Austin Principal Investigators and agency representatives

Information sessions and workshops on where to find internal funding sources and external funding opportunities

NIH resources for producing a highly competitive grant application

Find foundation support and competitive intelligence data on select foundation opportunities.

Find public funding and competitive intelligence data on select government agency programs.

Find campus industry funding resources and support.

Find international research resources, grant opportunities, and research units at UT Austin.

NCFDD provides online career development, training, and mentoring resources, including the Faculty Success Program.

UT Austin’s Defense Research Advancement (DRA) is a team dedicated to assisting Department of Defense (DoD) research. Acting as a liaison and steward, this office engages with campus researchers and the defense innovation ecosystem to advance scientific discovery for the unique requirements of the DoD.

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