Microscopy and Flow Cytometry

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The Microscopy and Imaging Facility provides extensive microscopy equipment and services for ultra-structural analysis of a variety of sample types. The facility offers assisted use and training on its instrumentation and consultations on microscopy- and spectroscopy-related research.

Our facility is dedicated to providing access to both standard and high-end imaging instrumentation to all levels of users.

Please contact a member of our staff for inquiries about instrument specifications or to schedule training. We look forward to working with you.

Temporary Usage Policy

In support of the University and its mission, the CBRS Microscopy and Imaging core will be open starting March 18.

Please help us continue to provide services and keep you safe by:

  1. Only entering the lab if you are well with no known exposure to COVID-19
  2. Signing in and out on the log sheet posted on all main doors – please write legibly
  3. Washing your hands for 20 seconds before and after handling equipment
  4. Wiping any surface you touched with disinfectant wipes, which are provided
    • Wipe down microscope eyepieces with 70% Ethanol, also provided
    • Clean objectives as normal
  5. Practicing social distancing – only one person is allowed in each instrument room at a time
  6. Shutting down equipment when you are finished.
  7. If you start to feel unwell, go home immediately.
    • All equipment in MBB will be available on weekdays during the hours of 12:30 PM to midnight, during weekends the facility is open 24/7. All equipment in HDB or NMS is available 24/7.
    • Users cannot make instrument reservations at this time.
    • For instrument reservations contact Anna (annawebb@utexas.edu) for light microscopes, Michelle (mfmikesh@utexas.edu) for electron microscopes, and Richard (rasalinas@utexas.edu) for FACS equipment.
    • All buildings are locked, so after-hours access is required for all equipment. For after-hours access requests contact Anna (annawebb@utexas.edu) for light microscopes, Michelle (mfmikesh@utexas.edu) for electron microscopes, and Richard (rasalinas@utexas.edu) for FACS equipment.
    • To ensure our staff remains healthy, we cannot offer any instrument trainings for the foreseeable future.
    • We will offer to help with instrument problems through Zoom during business hours. To set up a Zoom account, go to https://utexas.zoom.us/.
    • Non-UT personnel are not currently allowed on campus. If instruments break, we cannot allow service engineers in the lab to service them. Please be extra careful with the equipment!

You can find updates for all the CBRS cores at https://research.utexas.edu/cbrs/ through the operations update link at the top of the page.

Publication Policy

We appreciate your use of our facility and ask that you please acknowledge the Microscopy and Imaging Facility of the Center for Biomedical Research Support at The University of Texas at Austin in all publications derived through the use of the facility or collaborations with the facility’s staff.

For billing related questions, please contact Bryan Medina.