The Mouse Genetic Engineering Facility (MGEF) provides services to generate, maintain, and archive transgenic mice. Since 2014, the facility has successfully performed more than 150 projects for faculty at UT Austin. The advantages of working with the MGEF over commercial service providers are: 1) our personnel each have more than 20 years of experience in the transgenic field, 2) our small size means you communicate directly with the people doing the work, 3) we do research too, so we know science, and 4) price. The MGEF can also provide access to CRISPR-edited cell lines through a partnership with Synthego.

Mouse Model Generation

  • CRISPR-Cas9
    • Project design
    • Founders are generated in about two months
    • Mutations can be generated on any background where injectable embryos are available
    • High success rates for indels, point mutations, tags, and conditional alleles
    • CRISPR screening and breeding services available
    • Assistance in preparing IACUC protocols for new mouse users
  • ES cell microinjection and chimera generation
    • Gene targeting available in 129 and 129/B6 ES cells
    • We have extensive experience working with Consortium C57BL/6 ES cells
    • Routine production of high percentage germline chimeras
  • Pronuclear injection
    • Efficient production of new lines for tissue-specific transgene expression
    • Collection of embryos at defined time points for regulatory element identification

Cryopreservation and Recovery

  • Cryopreservation
    • Sperm – requires just two proven males 3-6 months of age
    • Embryos – if necessary to maintain a unique genetic background
  • Cryorecovery
    • Embryos from archived stocks and other Universities and Institutes
    • in vitro fertilization (IVF) from archived stocks and Mouse Consortium stocks
  • Recovery
    • Rederivation to pathogen-free status
    • Mouse line rescue by IVF

Breeding and Stock Maintenance

  • Colony maintenance and husbandry
  • Breeding and screening to convert KOMP/EUCOMM alleles

Crisper-Edited Cell Lines

  • Available through a partnership with Synthego
  • Edited cell pools and cell lines