Announcing the 2021 UT Pop-Up Institutes Competition

Pop-Up Institutes are a Vice President for Research initiative that supports interdisciplinary teams of UT Austin researchers. Each team spends the academic year preparing for a burst of activity focused on a specific area of research. Their Institute then ‘pops up’ for one summer month, providing dedicated resources, time and space for researchers across campus to combine their unique perspectives and distinct skill sets in pursuit of a common goal.

UT looks to take on youth addiction with ‘Pop-Up Institute’

The University of Texas at Austin has plenty of researchers, staff members and students with the first-hand experience around addiction — whether they are in recovery or studying the way drugs interact with pathways in our brains. Until now, many of those people have operated separately, which is why UT Austin kicked off a “Pop-Up Institute” Monday on Youth Addiction and Substance Misuse. Read More

Pop-Up Institutes Tackle Big Research Questions — Quickly

Like temporary art installations and restaurants, pop-up research institutes are gutsy, nimble, and open to the public. (But be fast. They’ll be gone in a month.) Read More

Health and Humanities Pop-Up Institute Coming in May

The Health and Humanities Pop-Up Institute (PUI) will convene scholars affiliated with the University of Texas Humanities Institute and the Dell Medical School to conduct an interdisciplinary exploration of the impact of humanistic approaches to medicine on patients, healthcare professionals, and the public. Read More

Researchers look to the stars this summer in search of extraterrestrial life

Does life exist on other planets? Leading researchers across multiple disciplines at UT-Austin are coming together in an effort to settle this question once and for all. Read More

UT research institute will focus on genetic variation in medicine

Next summer, a short-term UT research institute will teach scientists about the new field of precision medicine. Read More

Short-term research institute will explore digital research methods

At first glance, it would seem that computer scientists and humanities researchers live in different worlds. Today, however, computers can help … Read More

Pop-Up Institutes FAQ

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