ARA 2017
Congratulations to the 2017 winners of the Research Administrator Awards: Julie Campos (left), Senior Grants Administrator in the Moody College of Communication was named Outstanding Research Administrator, and Leora Visotzky in the Center for American Architecture & Design in the School of Architecture received the Rookie Research Administrator Award. Photo courtesy of Jay Hamman

Funds from federal and state agencies, philanthropic foundations, donors and private industry are the lifeblood of research at a university. These grants come in all shapes and sizes, with often complex requirements and short submission windows. From small fellowships to large multi-year, multi-million dollar initiatives, each requires diligent attention to ensure they are handled with integrity and transparency, according to the guidelines established by the grantor and in compliance with UT’s own institutional standards. The professionals tasked with managing these responsibilities are research administrators.

Recognizing the need for educational and networking opportunities for UT's research administrators, the Association of Research Administrators was founded in January of this year to provide a forum for informal discussion and resources for these professionals. Since its grassroots inception, the group has quickly grown to include more than 110 active members based in dozens of departments, research units, and central offices across campus. Understanding that research administrators often wear many hats, there are no restrictions to membership based upon professional background, experience or title.

The Vice President for Research greatly appreciates the contributions of RAs to UT's research enterprise, and is pleased to announce the establishment of two awards in the categories of Outstanding and Rookie Research Administrator to be presented annually. After rounds of review by their peers in finalist selection committes, the recipients were selected and presented with their awards and $500 by Vice-President for Research, Dan Jaffe, at a reception on September 26. Such is the value of their work that more than 100 nominations for 41 research administrators were received for this inaugural year cycle.

The Outstanding Research Administrator award went to Julie Campos, Senior Grants Administrator in the Moody College of Communication.

The Rookie Research Administrator award was presented to Leora Visotzky, Administrator in the Center for American Architecture & Design in the School of Architecture.

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