Eric Anslyn

University of Texas at Austin chemistry professor Eric Anslyn received the Royal Society of Chemistry's 2020 Centenary Prize.

"I am delighted," Anslyn, who holds the Welch Regents Chair in Chemistry and is a University Distinguished Teaching Professor, told the Society. "This is a huge honor – one that ranks among the very highest honors I have received throughout my career."

Anslyn received the prize for developing useful chemical sensors and communicating the excitement of chemistry to his students. Anslyn's chemical-sensor contributions are described in over 300 scientific papers and 53 patents. Applications range from tongue-mimicking wine tasting chemistry to Lego-box nerve-gas detection.

The annual prize recognizes up to three chemists who conduct original, impactful research, create high-quality innovations and display exceptional communication skills.

"In recognizing the work of Professor Anslyn, we are also recognizing the important contributions an incredible network of scientists make to improving our lives," said Helen Pain, acting CEO of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Winners receive £5000 – a little over $6,200 in U.S dollars – and complete a lecture tour in the United Kingdom. The last University of Texas at Austin faculty member to win was chemistry professor Jonathan Sessler, who received the prize in 2011.