Persons Involved in a Research Misconduct Case

Research Integrity Officer

The Research Integrity Officer (RIO) is the appointed official responsible for addressing all allegations of research misconduct at the University in accordance with its policy, HOP 7-1230. The RIO oversees the research misconduct evaluation process and takes reasonable steps to ensure a fair, competent and impartial evaluation for all individuals involved in an allegation. To the extent possible, the RIO also helps maintain the confidentiality of case details and documents.


The complainant in a research misconduct case is any person who reports an allegation of research misconduct.

Review Complainant FAQs.


The respondent in a research misconduct case is any person against whom the allegation of research misconduct is directed. There can be more than one respondent in a research misconduct case.

Review Respondent FAQs.


A witness in a research misconduct case is any person whom the RIO has formally engaged to provide expertise, evidence or testimony of research misconduct. The complainant and/or respondent may identify essential witnesses to the RIO and request their involvement in the case.

Investigative Committee Member

An investigative committee member is a person who has agreed, at the RIO’s request, to serve on a research misconduct investigative committee. According to University policy, “no committee members shall have real or apparent conflicts of interest in the case. Committee members shall be unbiased and have necessary expertise to effectively evaluate the evidence and issues related to the allegations” (HOP 7-1230, Section II.F.3.a.).

Other University Officials

In accordance with University policy, University officials engage with various phases of the evaluation process. These individuals may include, but are not limited to, the University’s Executive Vice President and Provost, Vice President for Research, Vice President for Legal Affairs, and attorneys from the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs.

OVPR Staff

OVPR staff provides policy and administrative support to the RIO.

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