Other Important Information

Anonymous Reporting

The complainant may choose to submit an anonymous report; however, this may impede the ability of the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) to fully investigate the matter, as it is often necessary to ask clarifying questions of the person submitting a report to our office. To speak to someone on the phone regarding a concern but still remain anonymous, please contact the Research Integrity Coordinator in the Office of the Vice President for Research at 512-232-3768 or rio@austin.utexas.edu.


Per HOP 7-1230, the University is committed to protecting all parties involved in the research misconduct process from retaliation. Should someone involved in a research misconduct case reasonably suspect or experience retaliation, that person may report his or her concern to the University’s RIO who will take appropriate action. All parties receive information about confidentiality and the University’s non-retaliation policy at the beginning of the inquiry process. This policy applies regardless of whether the inquiry or subsequent investigation reveals that the party involved in a case has engaged in research misconduct.


University policy stipulates that all persons involved in a research misconduct case maintain confidentiality about the allegation’s nature and details. The RIO will inform all parties involved about the confidentiality policy at the beginning of each phase of the case.

Mandatory Reporting to Funding Agencies and Regulatory Agencies

The RIO is responsible for reporting to the appropriate federal funding agency as required. Visit the Office of Research Integrity at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services online for a list of links to all federal funding agencies’ regulations regarding research misconduct.

Research Misconduct vs. Academic Misconduct

Research misconduct differs from academic misconduct when a student’s work has been published, such as a dissertation or article, or has been used in a grant proposal. HOP 7-1230 does not include encompass academic work completed as part of a degree program, or academic works that have only be published on Texas Scholar Works. Allegations of academic misconduct by students should be reported to Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.