POB IT Facilities – Policies, Guidelines and General Information

Follow the policies and guidelines below when using and making reservations for POB IT facilities. Failure to do so may jeopardize your ability to use the facilities in the future.

  • No food or beverages (bottled water OK) may be brought into the room unless catered by O’s Campus Café, no food or beverages (bottled water OK) are ever permitted in the Avaya Auditorium. For catering information, call the café at 512-232-9060.
  • Conference Fees. If your event charges an attendance fee, then we will charge you an hourly fee for the use of our facilities, aka Conference Fee. The Conference Fee rate is $81/hour to use the AVAYA Auditorium (POB 2.302) and $60/hour to use POB 2.402.  There are no fees to use any other POB facility.
  • Webcasting is no longer available.
  • As of 7/12/2021, there will be no AV support services during events.
  • Use of rooms requires a reservation. Reservation requests are made through the “POB Rooms & Reservations” page. Reservations by undergraduate students are not permitted. The reservation period must include sufficient time to set up for the event and to clean up afterwards.
  • These facilities are NOT available for class meetings, review sessions, extended office hours or student organizations. These facilities are not classrooms and therefore are not scheduled through the University’s Registrar’s Office.
  • The POB is not a conference center. Therefore, we do not have the staff, storage, extra furniture, equipment, and/or supplies, etc. that one might expect from the use of such a facility. Administrative support and assistance is not available for any event and there are no facilities for faxing and copying of materials available within the building. The only available telephones are within the room itself and the phone area on the second floor.
  • The contact person listed on the room reservation is responsible for being informed about the information below as well as being oriented about the technology and its operation.
  • The contact person listed on the room reservation is responsible for the room, the event and attendees. This includes hosting the event, arranging and supervising catering (see below) and special services, leaving the room in a clean and orderly condition, immediate removal of additional equipment or furniture brought in for the event, monitoring event noise level and attendee behavior outside the rooms and securing audio/video equipment when the room is left unattended. Keep the noise level to a minimum in the corridors. Faculty and researcher offices, graduate student cubicles, and open researcher discussion areas for building residents are located nearby all of the rooms. All garbage must be collected and neatly contained for disposal. Garbage bags should be brought to ensure that garbage removal does not become a problem for subsequent use.
  • The rooms are provided in ‘as is’ condition. Apart from what is already within the room, nothing will be provided such as 35mm slide projectors, overhead projectors, additional chairs, computers, extension cords, tables, easels, etc. Items from other rooms or spaces within the building may not be relocated. Equipment located on the table or desk, such as the computer and document camera, may not be disconnected and removed.
  • We do not provide additional tables and chairs. For example, if you are having a panel during your event in the Avaya auditorium and need a table and chairs, you must rent them from Facility Services.
  • All event activities must take place entirely within the reserved rooms. This includes activities such as registration, materials distribution, eating, and/or displays. The surrounding kitchen areas, corridors, and discussion areas are not available for use.
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