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This conference room contains instructional technology that includes a network-based DELL PC Laptop, a high-resolution visualizer, and cabling for connecting up to three laptops into the room’s Audio Video (A/V) System. The A/V System consists of an overhead front digital video projection system with a stereo sound system. All of these components are integrated and operated by the user through a remote-control system.

User support for this venue is limited while it is being transitioned to the College of Natural Sciences.

RESERVATION INSTRUCTIONS:  To select or deselect a date or dates, click within the calendar on the desired date block(s) so that the date is highlighted in black (when selected) or not black (un-selected). Fill out all fields then click “Submit Reservation Request.” You will receive a confirmation email when your reservation is approved.

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Facility Details: 
Sources: DELL PC Laptop ComputerConnections: Wireless Internet
Sources: VisualizerA/V System: Front Digital Video Projection
Connections: Laptop VGA w/ AudioA/V System: Stereo Sound
Connections: Laptop HDMI x2A/V System: Web-based Remote Control
Connections: Laptop Mini DisplayPortRoom: Seating Capacity = 12-16

POB 2.404b

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