POB 2.402 Web Conference Classroom Event Calendar

This venue is currently closed for system maintenance and reservation is disabled temporarily. If you would like to schedule a reservation after May 14, 2022, please use the Event Management System (EMS) via CNS’s room reservation page or contact the EMS Department Administrator at arturo.cjr@austin.utexas.edu.

The console within this room contains a standardized set of media sources consisting of an Internet-based DELL PC computer, a high-resolution visualizer, and cabling for connecting the video and audio output of any laptop computer into the Audio Video (A/V) System. The A/V System consists of a dual rear digital video projection system with a stereo sound system. All of these components are integrated and operated by the user through a standardized touch panel.

Facility Details:
Sources: DELL PC Desktop Computer/MonitorConnections: Wired Internet / Wireless Internet
Sources: VisualizerA/V System: Dual Rear Digital Video Projection
Sources: Speaker Phone SystemA/V System: Stereo Sound
Connections: Laptop VGA w/ AudioA/V System: Touch Panel Remote Control
Connections: Laptop HDMIRoom: Seating Capacity = 45+
Connections: Laptop Mini DisplayPortFeatures: Whiteboard

POB 2.402

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