Postdoc Professional Development

Individual Development Plan

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has recently launched a free web application called ‘myIDP‘ (individual development plan).

“It is designed to guide early-career scientists through a confidential, rigorous process of introspection to create a customized career plan.  Guided by expert knowledge from a panel of science-focused career advisers, each trainee’s self-assessment is used to rank a set of career trajectories.  After the user has identified a long-term career goal, myIDP walks her or him through the process of setting short-term goals directed toward accumulating new skills and experiences important for that career choice.  After each step, the user updates the plan, documenting efforts and progress.  The user can opt to receive monthly e-mail reminders from myIDP to stay focused on goals and update progress and plans… the plan can be altered as skills develop, interest change, and career objectives are reconsidered.” [SCIENCE, Vol 337, 7 Sept. 2012, p. 1149]