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UT snags $56M in stimulus grants

Austin Business Journal
November 18, 2009

University of Texas at Austin researchers have received 123 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants totaling nearly $56 million.

The National Science Foundation has awarded the most stimulus bill funds to University of Texas at Austin researchers, with almost $30 million in grants. The Department of Energy doled out $13.1 million, and the National Institutes of Health awarded $10 million.

“University-based research has been a powerful driver of economic development for decades,” said Juan Sanchez, the university’s vice president for research. “Through projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, our scientists, scholars, and engineers are developing new knowledge on which new industries can be built and jobs created.”

The projects are spread among 14 schools and units, with many of the projects crossing disciplinary boundaries, the university said. The projects relate to energy sources and storage devices, environmental questions, biomedical applications, new materials and technologies, and other areas.