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Emergent Technologies Inc. licenses drug and chemical discovery technology from The University of Texas

Business Wire
April 29, 2004

Emergent Technologies Inc. (ETI) of Austin announced last Friday that it has licensed drug and chemical discovery technology from The University of Texas at Austin (UT). It is a breakthrough technology using a chemical-based platform that adjusts a cell’s ability to resist foreign compounds it encounters in its environment.

ETI formed Entercel Ltd. to commercialize the technology of Brian Windsor, Ph.D., formerly scientific director with Texagen Inc. and Stan Roux and Alan Lloyd at UT. Dr. Windsor is now the chief scientist for the new company. He explained, “In an agricultural setting the platform could allow for a herbicide to have better performance and a broader spectrum of activity at a much lower rate. This would mean less chemical applied to the environment and a better product for the company. It could also be used in fungicides that attack pests. Our compounds would be combined with a herbicide or fungicide or a drug to allow it to have much better performance at a lower dose. You might be able to use half of the amount of herbicide or even less to get the same efficacy.”

Dr. Neil Iscoe, director, Office of Technology Commercialization at UT, said, “It’s the first deal between the University and ETI, which has licensed technology from other universities including the University of Oklahoma and Texas Tech University. ETI brings strong technical and marketing expertise to the new company. We see the opportunity to work more with the company in the future.”

ETI will capitalize the new venture through its third investment fund, WesTech Ventures LLP. Thomas A. Harlan, president and CEO of ETI, hailed the University’s speed in turning the deal around. “The Office of Technology Commercialization has been innovative, flexible and responsive in getting this deal done,” he said.

Harlan founded ETI in 1989 and directs the activities of ETI and its portfolio companies. ETI is a venture capital firm that specializes in forming, funding, commercializing and managing biotech companies for the purpose of converting institutional and university-based technology into high-return ventures. Visit its Web site at www.emergenttechnologies.com.

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