Digital Earth Science Materials

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  • Susan Hovorka, Ph.D. , Bureau of Economic Geology
  • John Andrews , Bureau of Economic Geology

Background/unmet need

Currently, printed textbooks are used in the classroom for an eight-year time period, but a great deal can change before textbooks are updated. This project seeks the most effective methods of teaching students by using technology, specifically in the area of earth science.

Invention Description

Geologic maps with reduced file size, simplified attributes, improved labeling, and standardized formats in order to import data into specified geographic information system (GIS) and virtual reality modeling language (VRML) applications. Using this method makes technical geologic and contextual information accessible to K-12 students over the Internet.


  • Faster delivery over the Internet
  • Does not compromise the accuracy or data content


    Reduced data complexity Reduced file size Use of geographic information system (GIS) and VRML applications

Market potential/applications

Digital Earth Science Materials were developed as an element of inquiry curriculum to be distributed over the internet. Digital materials can be used in a variety of partnerships and applications, especially those that support GIS and VRML in the classroom.

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